Young Modern Maternity Clothing for the Stylish Mom To Be

Young Modern Maternity Clothes for the Stylish Mom To Be

When I was pregnant I struggled to find really nice maternity clothing in department stores. In total I found one nice maternity dress which I actually still wear today and a really lovely pair of maternity jeans which were so comfortable.

Other than those two items I was sorely disappointed in everything I came across and I mostly just wore leggings and lose tops.

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I believe it really is important to be able to look good while pregnant and to embrace your growing body, I would have been so happy to find some young modern maternity clothes instead of the drab things that I kept coming across.

Of course now that my pregnancies are long gone I am coming across the most gorgeous outfits, isn’t it funny how that happens?

I thought I would share a few of the top rated items I have come across that I find really appealing, who knows maybe you are struggling with the same problem and will love these goodies!

So here are the young modern maternity clothes I would buy right now if I was pregnant!

Young Modern Maternity Clothes for the Stylish Mom To Be

Stylish Maternity Dresses

Maternity dresses were always top of my list. Wearing a dress is so much more comfortable than any other item of clothing. In warm weather it is lovely to be cool and airy with a maternity dress and in cold weather you can team it up with some leggings to keep warmer.

Another big bonus, especially with the wrap type dresses is that most of them you can continue to wear after birth and they make it easy to nurse your baby so this will be a very handy clothing item for a long time to come.

Maternity Jeans

My pair of maternity jeans was a firm favorite of mine when I was pregnant and other than my leggings these were the only pants that I could wear comfortably.

I suggest that you invest in a pair of good quality maternity jeans when you are pregnant. Alternatively you can even make use of your non-maternity jeans by purchasing a maternity belt belly band that will extend the waistline making them a perfect wear for pregnancy!

Maternity Leggings

When I was pregnant I wore maternity leggings almost every single day. Yes you can get away with wearing normal leggings and wear it under your big belly but I loved the snug and comfortable feel of having my belly covered by my leggings.

Maternity leggings are very versatile and you can wear them with most tops and dresses.

The thing is that while pregnant you are not in the most comfortable state, wearing clothing that is specially made for pregnancy can make such a difference!

Maternity Tops

Buying pretty maternity tops really is a must, being pregnant is a special time and showing off your bump in attractive and flattering tops is part of the fun.

Maternity Jackets and Jerseys

I found buying a maternity jacket or any warm top a real challenge. For some strange reason every single maternity jersey and jacket I found opened at the front and left my big belly exposed to the cold. No matter how I tugged and pulled I could never get those garments to come close to covering my tummy.

I can’t understand why someone would design winter maternity clothing that leaves you cold and uncomfortable.

Here are some lovely maternity jackets and jerseys that will actually keep your bump warm and snug.

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  1. amazon indeed have nice clothes and u can see its comfortable and also stylish as you wont look like old lady of 80 when 25 actually not to insult anyone but older women wear different style then younger ladies i remember when my clothes started getting to small and had to buy maternity wear i was so looking at all these loose clothes as u struggle to find decend maternity wear at the shops so it was important for me to be comfy at all times but still stylish and pretty or be dressed decend at least at home pajamas pants loose tops and tracksuit pants with hubby’s shirts Amazon is a option for the next precnancy as i searched everywhere for maternity jeans couldnt dind see amazon have some.

  2. Very comfortable and stylish i love them☺️☺️

  3. I love that outfit at amazon in the bottom right corner.

  4. I widh i saw this earlier. At 35 weeks I doubt I would ne purchasing new maternity clothes

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