The Mom Your Children Need

I am just loving Kristina Kuzmic’s Youtube videos, they are so real and down to earth. I think every mom at some stage doubts what she is doing and worries that she is not giving her children the best things or what they deserve.

What Kristina says here I have experienced too, my kids are so happy when they get to spend time with me. Those are the moments that they cherish, if I just look at a few years back when I asked my 3 year old daughter what she wanted to do!

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  1. Beautiful. I was in the same position before I met my husband. I was a single parent for 13 years and also couldn’t afford a nice place and we had to stay in one bedroom apartments and share a room. but I always tried my best and he never really remember the times that we struggle and that the times there wasn’t anything and he’s also just always remembering the good times. There were times that I felt he didn’t deserve this life he lived in with me he didn’t deserve me and I where actually suicidal trying to take my own life every now and again and then. All he actualy needed was me his mom! His turning 17 in june and he loves me and thanks me every day for what ive done for him and for being there. A child doesn’t need money or fancy goods, a child needs the love and arms of his mother. Thank you for this video. Means alot

  2. Wow nice i also think every mom doubt herself sometime during motherhood

  3. Loved it….It’s so true @lisaanderson, I’m sure every mom has doubted herself, hek I have doubted myself before & I have only been doing this mommy thing for 3 months ?

  4. Anita i think its natural even if its only 3 months of being a mom its all new and big changes

  5. Also want to add i agree the video is so real and down to earth loved it.

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