The Legality of CBD Oil in the EU

European nations are one of the most liberal when it comes to the legalization of cannabis-based products. Though each country has its own set of laws when it comes to the plant which means that there will be different levels of legality.

Cannabidiol has been deemed safe to use in some countries but the THC levels contained in each product will play a vital role if it’s legal to use.

This makes it a bit confusing for tourists to know if the plant is okay to use for recreational purposes or if it’s only for medical use.

CBD Oil is commonly used by people in order to treat body pain and depression as the product contains a lot of health benefits when used. It’s an extract from the cannabis plant, more specifically of the hemp variety.

The great thing about it is that due to the high concentration of CBD in it, it only contains less THC which means it doesn’t have any psychoactive properties in it.

This makes the product safe to consume for anyone.

Legality of CBD oil in the EU

Hemp and Cannabis

In order to understand the legality of Cannabidiol in the EU, it’s important to know the difference between CBD and marijuana. Though it’s also important to note that the recreational use of marijuana is still illegal in most areas all over the world.

The main contrast between hemp and marijuana is that the latter contains high amounts of THC, which is a psychoactive chemical that gets people that “high”. Hemp on the other hand has an abundance of CBD and only has a trace of THC in it.

The problem with this is that the EU has strict regulations regarding the amount of THC contained in CBD products. Any CBD type of product must only contain less than 0.2% of THC in order for it to be legal.

States in the EU Legalizing CBD

A lot of countries like Germany, Italy, Croatia, Netherlands, And Greece have already legalized the use of medical cannabis and CBD. There have also been other countries like the United States and even Asian countries such as Thailand that legalize the use of CBD.

The use of recreational marijuana or other cannabis products that contain huge amounts of THC is only legal in certain areas that have fully embraced the use of the plant.

Countries in the EU such as Sweden is one of the only areas where CBD products can be sold with a permit.

If you want to know more about the areas in the EU about their legality on CBD then check The Hempire, we have pointed out the legality of each state:

CBD in tea

What to Check When Looking for CBD

If you’re planning on buying CBD then it’s important to check several things that it contains. One of the most important things that you first need to check out is the amount of THC extract that’s contained in the product.

When it’s a cannabis extract then it will most likely contain high amounts of THC while having less CBD. It’s much better to find Hemp extract which is rich in CBD and has little to no THC in it.

You also need to check the brand of CBD and it’s quality as some CBD Oil offers specific benefits like sleep. We recommend you read here to know more about the benefits of CBD Oil.

CBD Market in Europe

Another thing to note about the sale of CBD in the EU is that its market represents 31% of the entire world’s cannabis market. Europe has dedicated a vast amount of land in order to grow and manufacture hemp, most of it is located in France, Lithuania, and Romania.

In early 2020, it was estimated that the cannabis market of the EU was worth almost a billion dollars. It’s also expected to grow to almost $2 billion in the next few years.

The EU’s CBD market has been slowly expanding and is now catching up with the United State’s CBD Market. As their manufacturing of hemp products has been steadily growing, it’ll only be a matter of time for them to have the same income as America.


There are still some people that question the use of cannabis products though there has already been evidence shown of the many benefits it has.

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