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The Health Benefits Of Cold Pressed Juice

Cold pressed juice commonly comes from the process of juicing. While many are skeptical about it, saying that it’s only a hype, there are also those who believe in the numerous health benefits that it offers. Here’s the real deal: cold pressed juice has more benefits to your health than you may be aware of. This is precisely why numerous healthy juice bars are popping out like mushrooms, and the market for fruits and juicers have increased as well.

That said, read more below to find out the fantastic benefits that cold pressed juice can offer for your body:

Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice

  1. It Gives You All The Extra Nutrients You Need

You know the basics, even from when you were a kid: to have all the nutrients you need in your body, you must have a balanced diet. But, sometimes, this is very difficult to do, especially when eating fast and ready-made food has become more of the norm. With a fast-paced lifestyle, too, it is hard to make the time to have a balanced diet. To make up for this, you can replace your store-bought sugar-filed juices instead with more natural and healthier ones, such as cold pressed juice.

Plus, it is also a great way to trick your body into eating the vegetables that you usually don’t like to eat.

  1. It Gives You That Kick Of Energy

Cold pressed juices are a better way for you to start your day rather than chugging up all that sugar-clad coffee and store-bought juices that you would typically have. Cold pressed juices give you that instant kick of energy because it is less fibrous and more potent compared to when you have to eat vegetables in their raw and true form. Because the juice is digested immediately and doesn’t have to be further broken down, your digestive system can get that direct boost of energy for your body.

  1. It Can Aid In Weight Loss

For many others, cold pressed juice can help in their goal to lose weight. But the important thing for you to remember is that your juice shouldn’t be consumed over and above your meals if you’re already getting a healthy and balanced diet to begin with. Or else, you are only going to end up adding more calories to your body. If you want your juice to aid in losing weight, it is better that you drink it as a substitute for your meals.

For example, for your breakfast, you will naturally need a more substantial meal. This isn’t going to be a problem, because you break all these down during the day when you are busy and active. But there is no need for you to have a heavy meal during dinner since you are already winding down. Hence, this is where you can take in your juice as a meal substitute instead.

  1. It Can Be Used For Cleansing

Juices are also a great way for you to cleanse and detoxify your body. There is no denying the fact that, nowadays, the human body is usually filled with so many toxins from all the unhealthy food and beverages that are consumed. From fast food to after-work drinks with your friends, your body is always under a lot of stress. Hence, your organs necessary for functioning, like your kidney and liver, can be very dirty.

When you choose to consume juices from time to time, it is like giving your system a chance to rest and recover. Not only is your body able to clean itself better, but you are also able to release all the harmful toxins effectively.
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  1. You Can Experience Decreased Bloating

Bloating is more than just about the aesthetics: it also is associated with your health. When you are bloated, it usually means that you haven’t been successful in passing out gas. Often, your stomach may ache, or you may also have difficulty with your bowel movement. When you’re experiencing constipation or a similar feeling, your doctor will usually recommend an increased intake of vegetables. If you aren’t the type who enjoys munching on vegetables, a great alternative for you instead is to drink cold pressed juice.

In addition, your stomach will also be less bloated physically. When you take in juices as a substitute for your meal, particularly during dinner time, you are essentially taking in less junk and fatty food. Hence, your body is digesting healthier food, which makes you full without the effect of making you physically bloated.

  1. It Works Great For Anti-Aging

What you take in your body usually shows on the outside as well. The junk and oily food you munch on reflects on your face and on your skin, as you will also start to look and feel unhealthy. As fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants, so too are they rich in the essential vitamins and nutrients that have excellent anti-aging properties. Examples of juices that are rich in anti-aging properties include:

  • Cucumber
  • Parsley
  • Rhubarb
  • Alfalfa sprouts

  1. It Increases Immunity

When you are sick, one of the most helpful steps you can take to heal naturally is to increase your fruit and vegetable intake. When you lack the essential nutrients to become healthy, it is but natural that your body will also suffer health-wise. You become sickly and more prone to illness. Again, this can pose a problem to those who, unfortunately, have an aversion towards vegetables. If you want to consume vegetables in a better way, you can go for cold pressed juices instead. For a little more sweetness, you can add in some taste and flavor through lemons, ginger, and even through honey.


Cold pressed juices, as part of the juicing lifestyle, have become a healthy and popular trend among many. But it’s more than just a passing fad: it’s a nutritious practice that is here to stay. Not only does it offer you a refreshing treat, but it also gives you that extra boost of nutrients you need. If you haven’t tried cold pressed juices yet, now’s the time for you to dive right into it.

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