The Chocolate Game – Best Kids Party Game Ever

The chocolate game is the best game ever to play for kids parties. My mom always organised this game for our birthday parties when we were little and I am so surprised that hardly any kids or parents I talk to know about this game. It gives me great pleasure when we throw a birthday party for our kids to teach them how to play.

The Chocolate Game

Make sure to put a few slabs of chocolate in the fridge the day before the party, it is important to have the chocolate hard so that it is not easy to cut with a knife and fork.

You will need the following:

  • a few slabs of chocolate
  • a hat, scarf, or sunglasses (we use a cowboy hat)
  • a knife, fork, and plate
  • dice

Here are the rules

  • The kids sit in a circle. The plate, knife, and fork go in the middle of the circle with a slab of chocolate on the plate.
  • The kids take turns to throw the dice and when a child throws a 6 they need to put on the hat and cut the chocolate with a knife and fork. They are only allowed to eat one chocolate block at a time, with the knife and fork, no hands allowed.
  • While the child with the hat on is trying to eat the chocolate the dice must continue to be thrown until someone throws a 6 and takes over eating the chocolate.

This game is tons of fun, and always has the kids screaming with glee and shouting in frustration. Check out the short video clip at the top of this post to see how the kids go wild.

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  1. This sounds great for Christmas family get together

  2. this game had me at chocolate???….def playing.

  3. This is what I will do with my kids it’s such an awesome and fun idea

  4. Monique Delcarme-Adams

    I cannot wait to try this with my son’s and a handful of my friends ?
    We don’t drink,so never take part in any ‘friend activity ‘ at our get togethers, as it’s always games that involve alcohol. I’m definitely trying this with them ?

  5. I lo e finding new games to lay and to one day show my child when he is big enough looks like a ton of fun.

  6. Natasha Stewart

    Thanks for sharing this cool game I’m sure the adults would enjoy this too

  7. This sounds so Fun

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