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Pets and Kids – How to Become True Friends: Useful Tips from Trainer Max Polyakov

You have pets and you’re going to have a baby. How can they live together in peace and friendship? Max Polyakov knows it exactly because once he had to solve this problem. Read his practical recommendations and follow them in order to make life of your family calm and happy.

pets and kids how to be true friends useful tips from trainer max polyakov

Max Polyakov and his wife Amelia have always adored animals. Before their children’s births 15 cute and smart pets were the permanent residents in their house. The large family consisted of cats, dogs, parrots, and hamsters. However, after Amelia and Max’s first daughter had been born the dog Eos completely changed her behavior. Max Polyakov’s Eos became irritated, angry, and aggressive towards the baby-girl. The parents had to find their dog another family.

Who Must Prepare for the Baby? Mother, Father and… the pet!

Max Polyakov is sure now that it is impossible to get the dog ready for the baby appearance by one’s own. If you want to trust your pet and to enjoy its communication with the kid, it is necessary to give the dog the complex training. In this way, the pet will become more social and amiable. What are the results of training?

  • Good communication with both grown-ups and children.
  • Calm perception of the new environment.
  • Escaping panicking at the sight of cars, bikes, strangers, other animals.
  • Better interaction with all members of your family.

The dog training will help you to gain mutual trusting and mutual understanding. The dog will understand your needs better so it will not be cross and upset if the baby appears in your family.

Some Actions That Make Your Pet Happy and Calm

The infants usually сhange our lives, worldviews, habits. We are to change the interior and sometimes the shelter. Max Polyakov’s recommendation is to make such transformations when the woman is still pregnant and even earlier – at the decision point. The pets are very sensitive to any changes, they can’t stand the chaos. What can you do?

To set up a cozy place and to make the dog stay there as often as it is possible. The pet’s private place is to be somewhere in the corner of the room where nobody could disturb it. It must be soft and spacious enough. It would be great to put there the dog’s favorite toys. The bowl for food and water should be near the dog’s place. All these will make the pet feel safe and calm despite the baby’s screams and the parent’s leaping about and carry on.

Max Polyakov pays attention that you shouldn’t let the baby hit the dog, yank its tail, fur, ears, stick his or her curious hands in the dog’s mouth. The pet is not a toy but the member of your family. Try your baby to touch the animal gently.

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The New Level of Communication

The new rules are inevitable. Therefore, you should make your pet to understand it.

  • You won’t be able to spend so much time with your pet anymore. Try to ignore your friend sometimes in order to shorten the communication. Max Polyakov insists that it is very important to make it gradually.
  • Bring up your pet – not to jump and run anywhere it wants, not to start running about the house after the walk (you should wash the dog’s paws at first). It is necessary to visit the vet to make sure the animal is healthy.
  • Teach your pet to carry out basic commands or ask for expert’s help.
  • Don’t let the dog jump into the crib even if the baby is not there yet.
  • Take the diapers far from the dog because they usually like to gut them.

Max Polyakov recommends understanding, that the animals have the right to be alone that’s why don’t let your baby to play with it or to touch it whenever she or he wants.

Preparations Total Failure – What’s Next?

If you waste time without any result – run to the experts. They will both give recommendations and practical help. They are able to find out the real problem, to discover connections between causes and effect in the dog’s behavior.

You can find a professional inside the special communities and clubs. Ask for them in the animal clinics; try to find experts in social networks. With the correct training, your pet will be the best friends and partners. There is no need to look for another family for your pet. You are able to be happy all together.

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