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5 Simple Lessons of Emotional Intelligence Pets Teach Us

Recent studies have shown that emotional intelligence is a more accurate predictor of success than intelligence quotient of a person. Emotional quotient includes 54% of the various dimensions of success, that is, effectiveness, relationships, quality of life, health. Children raised in pet-friendly homes are emotionally intelligent, reveals the latest research. …

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8 Reasons to Raise Your Children Around Pets

8 Reasons to raise your children around pets

We all know that pets are some of the best things in our lives. They are the shoulder that we need to cry on when we need or they are our best friends whenever we need a good laugh. However, did you know that when you raise your children around …

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How to Introduce Your Cat To Your New Baby

How to Introduce your cat to your new baby

Mothers to be frequently visit shelters in tears with their cats in tow after being advised by family members and obstetricians that cats are not great for pregnancy or a new baby. It is very easy to succumb to these claims if you are not aware of all the facts. …

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