Liberty Stash – The Fun and Easy Way To Save And Earn Money

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about Liberty Stash on my website and since I changed phones I have not been using the app for a long time. A few days ago I decided to load the Stash app on my phone again and get cracking with starting saving again.

Much to my surprise a lot has changed and I am loving these fantastic changes! They have really made an effort to making stashing cash fun and exciting, as well as super easy.

I love it when there is a convenient and easy way to save money.

And the best part? You can actually earn money through referring others to Liberty Stash – when someone joins Stash and uses your invite code you BOTH get R10 added into your Stash!

So when you download the app enter my invite code LYN3518 to get your first R10 added to your Stash – remember to share about this with your friends and family and share your invite code to boost your savings!

With all the new changes that have come about I thought I would write a new post about Liberty Stash.

Liberty Stash - save and earn money

What Is Liberty Stash?

Stash is an app by Liberty that helps you to invest and save your money easily by “stashing” small amounts of cash in a variety of ways. The money that you stash using the app is deducted from the bank account that you link to the app. You can invest your money into a Cash+ portfolio or an SA Top 40 Shares portfolio. Alternatively you can split your investments into both portfolios in a ratio that suits your purposes.

You can stash money at any time at the tap of a button, you can set your app to stash money every day, or under certain circumstances and you can stop or pause it at any time you like.

You can stash up to an amount of R36 000 annually which means it is a tax free investment!

How Can You Save With Liberty Stash?

Liberty Stash 10c ChallengeStash With 10c Challenge

This is an amazing new savings challenge that Liberty has added to Stash and I have just started using it. How it works is you start the challenge and the first day you add 10c into your savings, on the next day and every day thereafter it adds another 10c to the amount that you stash. So the first day is 10c, the second day is 30c, the third day is 40c and so on.

The challenge is for a year so that by the time you get to day 365 you invest an amount of R36.50.

By the time the challenge is over you will have saved an amount of R6 679.50 which you can cash out.

You can also stop this challenge at any time and cash out your investment if you need it – all you do is push stop at the top of that page.

Tap To Stash

When the app opens you have an open to tap to stash – you can increase or decrease this amount easily by pressing the – or + signs next to the stash button.

This means you can easily save an amount when you have money available.

Stash When You Sweat

This is a fun way to save – every time you exercise you will stash some money.

1 drop of sweat is added for every 20 calories, 20 seconds of activity, 100m or 100 steps of activity. For every drop of sweat you stash 5c.

You can turn this feature on by connecting your device’s fitness data or through the Google Fit app.

Stash When It’s Sunny

Connect your location and set your Stash to save R5 when it is sunny. If it isn’t sunny then your app won’t stash any money.

The concept behind this is loads of fun – save money when its sunny for a rainy day!

Liberty Stash DetailsStash If Load Shedding

When there is no power you are not using any power which means you are saving a bit of money each time the power goes out. Take this money and save it!

You can choose how much money you want to stash on days when there is loadshedding.

You can also set it to increase the amount you stash by the stage of loadshedding, so for example if it is stage 1 loadshedding you stash R5 and for stage 2 it will stash R10, stage 3 R15 and so on.

Boost My Stash

You can boost your stash automatically at the end of each month up to an amount of R1000 or you can choose to boost your annual stash to a total of R36 000.

Limit Your Monthly Stash Amount

You can also set your monthly stash amount in your settings to give you greater control and to ensure that you don’t stash more than you can afford each month.

Cashing Out Your Stash

Cashing out your Stash is super easy and I have personally cashed out a number of times. You can cash out all of your Stash or part of it at any time with the push of a button. Your stash is sent to your bank account immediately but it may take up to 7 days for your money to appear in your bank account.

Making Money Referring Others To Liberty Stash

I love that they offer a referral program that enables everyone to make money referring others. I am very passionate about making money through my blog and this is such a fantastic opportunity for everyone to make money easily.

So download the Liberty Stash app now and enter in my invite code LYN3518 to earn your first R10 investment.

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  1. I like this idea Lynne. Many times small change will just lay around and either disappear or used to buy luxuries. I’m glad I came across this post it’s a great way for saving.

  2. This is indeed one of the most innovative and unique saving methods that I have ever come across. Liberty Stash is an app that literally inculcates the saving habit in you and you can save anytime and anywhere. A good way to save small amounts and see them accumulate and earn returns.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes it’s awesome Sandy! I am so happy that I remembered to put it back on my phone… and right now it is amazing to be able to stash bits and pieces – times are tough and I know I am going to need it.

  3. Annelise Pollock

    I completely forgot about my stash account, had to stop it for some reason abiut 2 years ago. I must reactivate it. Was a great way to save. We only allowed R300 savings a month ago the interest was never amazing but still helped when we were in a pinch every couple of months.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That’s it Annelise – I also found that my Stash came in handy a good few times when I had a tough month! If you used it about 2 years ago last you will also see all the amazing changes immediately. Their main thing when they started was rounding off all your purchases to the amount you specify and putting the difference into your Stash but they no longer offer that and honestly I think it is so much nicer like this!

  4. How interesting to be able to manage your savings smartly through an app! I love the load shedding cash stash idea! I ought to be a millionaire by now considering the power outages we keep having throughout the day! Nice to see they have a referral system also. I enjoyed reading your post, Lynne! I hope it is a steady source of savings for you!

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Haha exactly right? Sometimes we have no power up to 3 times a day for 2+ hours at a time. But I have set mine only to put R5 away each day there is loadshedding but not to do it for each stage.

      • Shameemah Johnstone

        Quick 1, with each transaction you stash, does it debit your bank account? Would this then not be a fee on your bank account?

        Also, you mention “at the end of the challenge”, how long is the challenge?

      • Hi Shameemah – I have a cheque account and I don’t pay extra fees for these transaction as I have a certain number of transactions included in my fees. I’m sure though that Liberty has taken this into account and probably has an arrangement with the banks. Also they don’t always deduct every day if it is a very small amount, they let the amounts add up a little depending on how much they are so that there are not loads of small transactions. The 10c challenge is for a year.

  5. Patricia von Meyer

    Great idea Lynne. I always have change laying around lol. So I want to give this a try.

    • I personally love it, and since adding the app to my new phone I’ve already managed to save a few hundred bucks without even noticing.

  6. Ntombenhle Dlamini

    Thanks Lynne, I also joined in August and I stash for R20 daily and sometimes I top up. One question if anyone can help. If you want to withdraw do you have to send copy of your ID (copy), for me it sounds fishy not sure how safe this is.

    • I have sent a copy of my ID online to numerous banking services including Stash, Payoneer, Paypal and FNB. While I am not comfortable sending a copy of my ID to unknown entities I believe it to be safe when it is a well known company like Liberty.

  7. Hi, I know I’m about a year and a half late with my comment but I’m still hoping to get a reply 😉

    I only discovered Liberty Stash yesterday and have jumped onto the boat. I have included the Sweat option and read somewhere that the money will be stashed at 14.00 each day but there seems to be no information on my 5km run this morning (I downloaded Google Fit and it does show up there) and no money stashed for the run.

    Do you maybe have any idea why or how I can fix it? It would also be great if it gave a running total for each day on how many Sweat drops you’ve earned and how much that equates in the money you’ll be stashing so that you know if you need to do a few extra jumping jacks or go for a quick walk to reach the amount you’re aiming for!

    • Hi Nadine – perhaps contact them through support and ask them about it. I never tried the sweat option on the app so I can’t tell you how that works!

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