How to Teach Your Children About Self-defense Against Bullying

Every parent has the instinct to protect and keep our children safe, no matter what or where. However, there will be times that they are alone and we either trust that they are in a safe environment or hope that they are able to defend themselves.

With the rising incidence of school bullying — one out of five students reports being bullied, there is cause to worry which makes it super important for children to learn basic self-defense. At the same time, teaching them about the possibility of bullying also helps them distinguish between bad and good people. This will make them less likely be a victim of kidnapping or other dangers lurking around.

So, how do you teach your kids about self-defense? Here are some tips to make sure they understand the need for it and how to go about it.

How To Teach Your Children About Self-Defense Against Bullying

  1. Talk to your kids about bullying

The best way to prepare your kids in advance is to talk to them on how to deal with bullying before it happens to them. Discuss the best ways to avoid being the target and how to always stay safe such as always staying in a group or going with an adult. Then, there will be no need to defend themselves or worse, fight back.

  1. Teach them how to stand up to bullies

A large part of self-defense is not hitting back, contrary to what most people believe. Instead, being aware of who the bullies are, knowing how to avoid them, leaving before a fight erupts, and being confident are ways to communicate that your children are not scared and will not back down from a fight when the situation warrants it.

  1. Equip your kids with self-defense techniques

Sometimes the only way to make sure your kids are able to defend themselves is to enroll them into a self-defense class. There are many martial arts organizations that offer different options specifically for children. Kids will learn certain self-defense techniques they can use to protect themselves against attackers such as blocking a punch or how to get free when restrained. All these techniques and more are taught in self-defense schools.

  1. Enroll your kids in boxing lessons

When you enroll your kids in boxing lessons, you are not only preparing them for a future career in boxing but also teaching them how to fight. Other than throwing and blocking punches, boxing classes will teach your kids about control, respect, and discipline. Make sure to ask your kids first if it’s what they want, then you can buy them kid’s boxing gloves as a gift for their first lesson.

Make sure to tell your kids to not strike first and only use what they learned when they are being attacked and have the right to defend themselves from physical harm. Also as much as possible, make them understand the best way to defend themselves is to walk away as much as possible. Most schools have a zero-tolerance policy to fisticuffs, regardless if your kid is the victim or the aggressor. You would not want your kids suspended from school.

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