A Brief Guide To Recovery From Pregnancy And Delivery For Moms

Motherhood is a phase that every woman loves and cherishes along the way. Even with the hiccups all along and a painful delivery later, you will find a mother content and happy when they get to hold their child for the first time.

But, with the strenuous journey, there comes the postnatal recovery that the mother needs to focus on. While they have to avert their attention to the baby 24×7, it is also necessary that a mother focuses on her post-recovery through the process. It isn’t a choice but a necessity for the mother.

Another important part of the recovery is taking care of the kind of food that a new mother is putting into their body. Not only does it have direct impacts on one’s health and well being, but it is also a necessity for breastfeeding mothers too. You don’t want anything but the best for your baby.

A Brief Guide To Recovery From Pregnancy and Delivery

While you have the clutter of baby clothes scattered around everywhere and you are trying to hustle through, you need to understand that the process of recovery is going to be anything but simple. It comes with pain but also the joy of seeing your baby grow up. What can you expect during recovery?

Since the body of a pregnant woman undergoes many changes during the pregnancy months, it is often hard for it to adjust back to the routine. This is why women tend to take quite a bit of time for recovery after the delivery of their baby.

It is a myth that there is any such thing as a standard recovery period for the mother. Every mother has their own pace of recovery. It could be quick and smooth for some while the same could stretch on and be a lot painful for others.

The process of recovery for the mother with a normal delivery takes about a week. By the end of the week, the preliminary symptoms of backache, sore nipples, and fatigue wither away. The doctor often suggests complete bed rest quicken the process of recovery even further.

For the mother who experiences a breach or even for the ones undergoing a painful vaginal delivery, there are chances of a tear in the perineum. This recovery can take up to a few weeks before it is completely healed.

For the case of cesarean delivery, the doctors do monitor the mother 4-5 days following the birth and there are chances that the recovery process can often take up to 4-6 weeks.

New mothers should know that they will face postpartum bleeding or Lochia where the excess tissue, blood, and mucus are released from the uterus. It may last up to six weeks in some women. The first three to ten days are the heaviest and mothers should use heavy-duty pads during this time. At this time, you should wear comfortable underwear and change the pads at regular intervals.

It is needed to keep updated with the doctor when you are recovering from your delivery. This is very important to avoid and nullify any problems that may arise during this time.

Tips for recovering well after delivery:

  • Having proper rest is one of the things that are crucial when you are recovering. In the first few days, the new mother needs to sleep so that their body doesn’t get too tired. This is a good time for bonding with the infant.
  • As we said above, you should let your perineum heal and do so, new mothers should squirt the area with warm water from time to time. This is especially needed after urination. 20-minute sitz baths twice a day can also help to ease the pain and release stress from the body.
  • During your recovery, you should have a regular bowel movement. To make this happen, fiber-rich foods are quite important. Along with that, the mother should also have 3 to 4 liters of water daily to keep the body hydrated. Do not strain yourself while bowel movements as it may cause a perineum tear. Consult a doctor if you experience constipation.
  • If you can then try to take regular body massages which can help to ease the body aches and backaches that are common after delivery.
  • Caring for the C-Section scar is very important and a new mother should clean the area well with soap and water. The area should be patted with a dry towel and you will need to apply ointment on the scar. Vigorous exercises and carrying weight are completely out of bounds for the mother. Try to take help from others for such tasks.

  • Sore breasts are quite common after delivery and you can experience leaky breasts. You can apply ice packs or a warm compress at different times of the day. It will take you some time to get used to breastfeeding. Make sure to apply nipple cream to avoid cracked or dry nipples. It is best to keep your breasts free and if you have to go out, try to wear a comfortable nursing bra.
  • New mothers cannot be told enough about having the right nutrition. This is the time when they should avoid junk foods and go for healthier components. They have to provide their body the much-needed nutrients that help them to recover and heal.
  • The best things to eat include complex carbs with plenty of fiber-rich foods along with a healthy portion of protein and fats. Mothers should stay away from alcohol and caffeine intake along with smoking.
  • The mothers are advised to eat iron-rich foods as they help in producing new blood cells which is important during vaginal bleeding.
  • Just because we have told you to rest, it doesn’t mean that you should stay in bed throughout the day. Try to move around your home or go on short walks. Walking is also the solution to having good bowel movements and it also helps to ease body aches.
  • Book the doctor appointments on time and keep them updated about your progress. Mothers may often feel baby blues after their delivery. If you feel something like that, do not shy away from seeing a therapist.
  • Try to keep your stuff to your reach. Buy furniture like tables, cupboards, wall shelves, and shoe racks designs online so that you can avoid bending.

Though pregnancy brings a lot of changes in a woman’s body, it is still one of the best times in her life. To enjoy the best of motherhood days, one should be strong enough to deal with physical severities. This guide will help you know the essential things that you need after giving birth to a new life.

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  1. These are excellent tips. It’s only after delivery of the baby I realized how important recovery period is. I had episiotomy so squirting water was something I never missed. It’s so important to keep the area clean else it can easily get infected.
    I am sure a lot of new mothers will find your helpful.

  2. I had a normal delivery but it took me about 6 weeks to recover completely. Agree with you about eating healthy, regular massage and light exercise. A great support system at home can help you recover quickly too. This comprehensive post brought back some old memories for me. Thanks, Lynne 🙂

  3. Pregnancy and post partum is a beautiful but sensitive phase for any woman’s life and I agree it is always better to be prepare in advance for dealing with physical, mental and emotional changes. you had shared really great points that will help a lot to new moms in staying healthy during this phase. eat right, and light exercise are two most important factor that helps in dealing with hormonal and other changes after giving birth to a new life.

  4. Out of all the top posts/ blogs I’ve read about post baby self care yours has got to be the best! I love how you mention not only getting rest but eating the iron rich foods and walking around. I’ve had three cesareans and each one was different recovery processes. The first was brutal second I was ready to go home the next day and was walking around no problem and the third was in between lol. Just as every kid is different every delivery was as well. Thank u for this amazing read

  5. That’s a comprehensive list of tips and precautions, Lynne. I also feel that physical recovery is easier than the post partum blues. I remember feeling dull for no reason even though I was overjoyed with my baby. I had an emergency cesarean after being told that I was a text book case for a natural birth. However, life happened and during the delivery both baby and I went into trauma and had to be rushed into a C-section. As I said physical recovery was easier – I took care of my diet and activity. But fortunately, watching my son grow dissipated all the blues. Bookmarking this post to link to, as I have a pregnancy post coming up on my health blog. Thank you!

  6. Hi Lynne. I’m so glad that you mentioned that y every mom’s recovery is different from each other. I was told that its going to take time to heal from my ceasarian and I heard that I wasn’t allowed to drive. However my doctor never told me that and I was driving and walking in malls after 1 – 2 weeks. You should listen to your body. I healed pretty fast.

  7. Excellent tips for recovery, I found that the hardest personally. The female body really does go through a lot and does need time to recover.

  8. I’m a FTM, a bit older than the average FTM. It’s a tough decision to make between normal birth and caesarean. Every now and then I start doubting my decision, but I realized that with the right info the decision will be easier. Thanks so much for all the info.

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