7 Pregnancy Symptoms You Don’t Have To Worry About

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a women’s life but it can also be uncomfortable with many pregnancy symptoms that you may be concerned about. Here are some pregnancy symptoms that are perfectly normal that you may have been worried about.

7 Pregnancy Symptoms You Don't Have To Worry About

All day nausea
The term “morning sickness” is not completely accurate, as nausea symptoms can strike during any time of the day and it’s not limited to only the first three months of pregnancy. However, if you vomit excessively during pregnancy and lose weight, it’s recommended to speak to your doctor.

It is completely normal to experience forgetfulness due to the stress of birth and pregnancy and feel assured that your mental acuity will return to normal after your little one is born.

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Abdominal pain
Many women may have concerns about feeling pain and discomfort in their abdomen and may see this as a warning sign. However, this is not an indication that your baby is distress. On the contrary, it’s a sign of healthy growth since your round ligaments stretch and your uterus expands. However, if you’re experiencing ongoing abdominal pain accompanied by bleeding you should see your doctor immediately.

It’s common to have nightmares and strange dreams during pregnancy and you sleep patterns will go back to normal after giving birth.

You’ll be experiencing intense exhaustion especially during the first and third trimesters, after all your body is making blood corpuscles, tiny feet and eyelashes which requires a lot of energy.

Mood swings
When you’re pregnant you are at the mercy of hormonal changes and sleepless nights which are causing you to be emotional and cranky. It is normal to feel overwhelmed and even hysterical at times. Sometimes the most insignificant incidents can upset you immensely.

As if all the above symptoms are not enough, your growing baby will be pressing down on your rectum and your hormones will be the cause of your intestinal muscles becoming lethargic. Constipation is common during pregnancy. Make sure you drink lots of water, try to keep moving and ask your pharmacist for an over-the-counter stool softener which is safe for pregnancy.

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