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The Perfect Present To Commemorate A Birth

Perfect present birth

To celebrate the safe arrival of a new baby, gifts are often bestowed on the new mother by the father to make them feel special. Some new mothers receive flowers, but many receive a small piece of jewellery to be worn as a reminder of the joyous occasion.  Often referred …

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How to Sue after a Birth Injury

Birth Hospital

Your child’s birth should be one of the best things for you to celebrate, but in cases of complications, you or your child can suffer injuries. A wide range of birth injuries especially the severe ones can result in disability, medical expenses, special care, or pain.  Some of these cases …

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7 Things Dad Can Do To Help During Labour

Dad supporting mom giving birth

Most dads have no idea what giving birth is like, except for what they have seen on the internet, movies, or television shows. In some cases, labour happens quickly, however, in most instances it does not, particularly if your partner is having her first baby. So, what are the things …

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4 Surprising Things To Expect After Giving Birth

Just given birth

Pregnancy and birth are amazing experiences that take a toll on your body and your mind. A lot of expecting mothers research what will happen during their pregnancy, charting where they are week by week watching for exciting milestones like their baby’s first kick or hiccup. Expecting couples usually take …

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Best Belly Wrap Post Pregnancy

Belly Wrap

Many celebrities have adapted to the use of a belly band post-pregnancy to assist with getting their bodies back to normal. However, the practice of belly wrapping has been around for centuries among different cultures. In Malaysia it is referred to as “bengkung”, in Mexico they use a wrap which …

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5 Indications: Identifying The Onset Of Labour

First-time Moms may find the idea of not knowing what to expect quite daunting. some women may experience definite signs of labor while others may not. •When the baby drops, you’ll feel pressure on your bladder and increased pressure on your pelvis and you’ll feel like you want to urinate …

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Second Trimester Pregnancy To Do Checklist

Pregnant woman in white

During the first trimester you may be feeling under the weather and during your third trimester chances are high you will be feeling large and tired with all sorts of aches and pains. The second trimester is often referred to as the honeymoon phase of pregnancy. You will be feeling …

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