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How Music Can Reduce Stress

Music can be termed as an art. An art that is timed organized with elements like sonic qualities pitch and rhythm whose medium is sound. As a tool of art, music has the power to impact on our daily life as a whole.

In our day today’s society, stress is inevitable. Stress is part and parcel of life. It can turn out to be emotionally draining and in the long run have the detrimental outcome to our bodies giving one the effect of being irritating or perhaps moody. Stress arises from too much work, grief, anxiety, family problems and breakups and sometimes financial problems. Stress does affect how we react to things, how we think, and on our response to life encounters. It distorts the thinking and clouds logic. However, the good news is that music is a great relief to stress.

This article is going to explain in details on how music can reduce stress. Music as a tool can take away our focus hence preventing the mind from wondering around. This helps the mind to slow down and in the process hence reducing stress. Some of the benefits accrued from listening to music include easement of anxiety, initiation of relaxation feeling, elevating moods, increase concentration, decreasing blood pressure and ultimately pain reduction.

How Music Can Reduce Stress

Initiating Relaxation

Relaxation is a tool for settling down emotions. In a state of calm emotions, stress will be no more. Music help one achieve this relaxation effect since it has the ability to speak to one’s inner soul. Music, more often slow, soft and classical music causes the brain to sync with the beats from the music resulting to creation of brain waves alpha, which is the brainwave for relaxation and comfort. This sooth and return a person to a state of peace and calmness.

Elevates Mood

During the state of disconnection and when burnt out, music can help us back to ourselves. When we get uplifted and inspired by lyrics and content of a song, it results to a magical experience allowing us to achieve a greater understanding on ourselves. This creates a better sense of connection between the word around us and us hence bringing a tremendous result to our moods. Research has proved that good music not only improve our mood, but also improves the quality of our life.


Music is used as a meditation tool, which slows down the mind hence initiating the relaxation response. Listening to our favorite songs takes our mind out of the cycle of despair, fear and regrets. It helps us to refocus attention on rhythm bringing our minds off from a trap of emotional despair into enlivened beings which reduce the stress in us.

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Reduce Anxiety

When we feel bad, we usually look for a pleasant experience to alleviate our anxiety. Music brings calmness. This is achieved by slowing down heart rate. Listening to a great play list of your favorite artists can help shut yourself out from anxiety and stress. Good song will involve your emotions getting lost in its rhythm and lyrics. This effect affect reduces stress leaving one feeling calm and stress free.

Pressure Reduction

Anxiety from stress can cause high blood pressure. Listening to gentle music slow down the pulse rate hence lowering the blood pressure. research has proven that continuous listening to music with some rhythm can cause a fall in blood pressure thereby reducing the heart beat rate. This makes music best tool for pressure management.

Pain Reduction

When one listens to music, especially favorite music, the brain produces a substance called dopamine which helps in response of emotions hence allowing us to look past the rewards and devising way out towards attaining them. Music also helps one to breathe slower and much longer. This reaction from listening to music affects our emotions and eventually making us relief from stress which causes pains in our muscles.

There is no known magic to extinguish stress and all the emotional difficulties we encounter. However, we all have choices to make that contribute to our emotional health. One of the best choices is listening to music. In as much as we may have different likes in music we all target same outcome from the music which ranges from bringing happiness to relief from stress. Music strengthens the ties we have with our own selves and with our world. Music keeps stress away!

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  1. I could not agree more with this article. My moods are constantly up and down and my anxiety does not help either lol. No matter what mood I am in, my favourite thing to do is pop in my earphones and zone out from the world. Depending on the day will determine what kind of music I listen to and I have no one type of genre favourite. I have a little bit of everything on my phone. Without fail every single time, my music makes me feel relaxed, happy and definitely less anxious. Music definitely feeds my soul and I would be lost without it.

  2. My husband has a wonderful gift of being able to play music by ear. He can pick up an instrument and play. We have a piano and some guitars and I love it when he plays, especially when he plays his own music. Music is so powerful and amazing how it can make you feel. Music can soothe the soul.

  3. Elize Swanepoel

    I love this article and couldn’t agree more. When I look back at my own life until now and the immense effect it had on me then I simply can’t imagine my life without music.

    I often use the quote saying: “Life without music is like woods without trees and sunset without colour”.

    Life would be dull and boring without music.

    Have you ever had the experience where you hear a song for the first time and you get actual goosebumps.
    And sometimes you come across a song and the lyrics speak to your soul. You know whoever wrote the song had a similar experience or loss than you’ve had, because the words just make sense.

    No wonder the music Industry has such a huge market. No only can you listen to the music, you can also watch the music videos or watch the artists perform.

    And look at all the talent shows that gives people from all walks of life the opportunity to live their music dream, whether it is singing or playing an instrument.

    Since I was a child I always wanted to play the piano. But my biggest obstacle was reading the notes. I just couldn’t grasp it. :’-(

    When my husband and JD leaves for daycare and work, I have about an hour before I leave for work. This is usually when I listen to music while tidying up or getting ready for work. “Me time”.

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