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How To Cope With Matric Results

Coping With Matric Results

The release of matric results is typically a high stakes time for many students and their parents, but pandemic disruptions throughout 2020 are adding extra angst. This week, the anticipation will be over, but getting these final school marks in black and white can spiral some young South Africans, and …

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When Stress Takes Its Toll…

Stress relief

One of the most unnerving ‘South Africanisms’ of recent years is when you’re stressed out and someone tells you to, “Just relax, okay?”. Great advice but hard to implement; particularly in a year like 2020, where the Covid-19 pandemic has taken its toll on our state of mind. Stressors that …

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10 Simple Ways to Relax for Busy Parents

Busy parents at home with kids

It’s no secret that being around your children all day can be quite exhausting. This is especially true for stay-at-home moms who don’t get a break from this daily duty. When you’re chasing after your kids every day, you typically don’t have more than a few minutes to yourself, and …

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