How can jerkies benefit your kids

How Can Jerkies Benefit Your Kids

As much as possible, we want to control the food that our kids are eating. We don’t want them to munch on those deleterious junk food that is lingering everywhere. Of course, this kind of compulsiveness is natural for us parents. After all, we don’t want our kids to be in harm’s way.

However, there is always a dilemma on this. We also don’t want to suppress the appetite of our young ones. Specifically, we want them to experience the pleasure of eating. But are our options when it comes to delicious but healthy snacks? Fortunately, I got one recipe that would fit into this need. Let me introduce you to jerkies.

How Can Jerkies Benefit Your Kids?

Dispelling the Misconception

Contrary to popular belief, jerkies are not bad for your health. They are not your typical treats that can are being served on any fast food chains. Instead, this delicacy has a careful and meticulous preparation that is usually done in the private kitchens.

Since it is cooked through drying, the nutrients of the meat are preserved adequately. Moreover, the marinades used for jerkies don’t include monosodium glutamate (MSG) and other artificial preservatives that could be demeaning for your kids’ body.

This is the reason why jerkies have been a favorite snack of bodybuilders. Moreover, this particular treat always receives various renditions on specific types of diets such as Paleo. At this point, I would bluntly say that jerkies are not just for meatheads. You and your kids will certainly enjoy this delicacy!

How Can Jerkies Benefit Your Kids

Jerkies come in a variety of recipes. The biggest distinction that between jerkies is the meat choice. For example, the most popular today is beef jerkies. You can even see them being sold in your local stores. But of course, you always have the freedom to make them on the convenience of your own kitchen. As long as you got a good meat and the right ingredients for the marinade, this recipe is very doable!

Parent Kid Bonding

Making Jerkies is a Good Parent-Kid Bonding

Preparing jerkies for your children is actually a fun thing. You could ask them to help you in the preparation process, especially by making the marinade. Just don’t let them do the slicing because the knife is just too much for them. Other than this, the general procedure of creating jerkies will strengthen the relationship between you and your kids.

Cooking and other kitchen-related stuff teach our children how to follow instructions correctly. After all, cooking is still a science. The proper compliance to the procedures and ingredients would give a tasty result!

Jerkies are Full of Protein

If you noticed that your kids are feeling dull and in a state of lassitude, they might have insufficiency in protein. This is an essential nutrient that can boost their body so that they can perform a variety of physical activities and exercises. Eating jerkies could solve this problem. After all, lean meat is a good source of protein.

For example, an ounce of beef jerky contains 9.41 grams of protein. If your kids could eat a couple of this delicacy every day, it would already supply their body’s daily protein requirement

Protein breaks down into amino acids. The latter are the ones that build up the enzymes that are necessary to support different functions of the body. While your kids are still growing, you better nourish them with enough protein. In this way, their bodies would be able to sustain properly during the development or adulthood period.

Beef jerky

Zinc and Iron

If you want your kids to have a strong immune system, you must let them eat jerkies. We all know that meat is a good source of zinc and iron. These two minerals are essential in bolstering the immune system.

Of course, an active immune system could defend the body from various illnesses. Your kids are susceptible from catching a cold, fever, and cough. Nourishing them with these minerals will protect them from these ailments.

Iron is one of the components that promote the production of healthy red blood cells. Meanwhile, zinc enables a faster healing of wounds and bruises. Even if they get wounds from playing and goofing around, their body would be able to respond it properly!


Too much sodium is bad. But if you will have it on a moderate level, it would actually benefit your body. The recommended daily sodium intake is only 1,500 milligrams. This is around two to three spoon of salt. The meat used for making jerkies are typically cured with this same amount of table salt. Therefore, it would already supply the needs of your body for it to survive.

For your kids, sodium is an essential nutrient. It can optimize the function of their brains, which can help them focus on their studies. Moreover, it can prevent muscle cramps due to extreme activities and dehydration. Of course, it is notable that sodium can regulate the water level of their bodies.


Overall, a jerky is a great snack that you can offer to your kids. It is made through the natural process of drying (oil-free), which gives you the peace of mind that it doesn’t contain too much fat. Furthermore, the meat used in jerkies are usually lean. It doesn’t use the fatty cuts since they are challenging to dry. Therefore, you can guarantee that this food doesn’t contain too much fat and cholesterol.

Aside from being healthy, it is undeniable that jerkies are delicious. It is a mouth-watering delicacy that everyone wants to indulge. It is chewable, and its texture is very palpable to the mouth. For kids that have picky preferences, this is the treat that would allure them to eating healthy!

However, let me remind you of one thing. You have to realize that too much of anything is bad. Even the healthiest food out there should be consumed with limitations. Otherwise, your body would suffer. Learn how to be moderate. For your kids, always a prepare a balanced meal for them. Make them savor various flavors! They would definitely enjoy it!

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