Benefits of pregnancy massage

8 Awesome Benefits of Pregnancy Massage

Massage is not just about it feeling good, it actually comes with many health benefits that you may not be aware of. Having a massage while you are pregnant can actually help to lessen some of the unpleasant pregnancy symptoms you may be suffering with as well as be a lovely way to unwind and relax.

I had a pregnancy massage when I was 6 months pregnant and on my honeymoon. I really struggled with my first pregnancy and it was amazing to have that massage. The strangest thing though is that I felt the most amazing sensation of stress relief when the area in the crook of my elbow was massaged on the one side.

When you are pregnant your body goes through some incredible changes and a massage can really help your body and your mind to cope better.

If you are pregnant it is really important to highlight that you need to see a massage therapist that is qualified in prenatal massage.

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8 Awesome Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage

Benefits Of Pregnancy Massage include:

1 Increased Blood Circulation

This will bring more oxygen to mother and the baby, stimulating the lymphatic system. This will result in a stronger immune system and help to reduce toxins in the body. Increased blood circulation will also result in your baby getting better nourishment.

An added bonus is that increase blood circulation will help prevent varicose veins from forming which is common during pregnancy

2 Massage Helps To Relieve Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common pregnancy symptom that can be caused by the hormone relaxin that causes ligaments that support the spine to relax. This can cause instability and pain.

Pregnancy massage improves lower back pain through improving the lumbosacral tilt that occurs during pregnancy.

3 Relieves Depression and Anxiety

In case you didn’t know, it is actually very common for postnatal depression to start during the third trimester of pregnancy instead of when you expect it to start (after your baby is born). Massage helps to stabilize hormone levels which can relieve anxiety and depression.

Massage also releases endorphins that soothe and relax the mother.

4 Improved Sleep

Any woman that has been pregnant knows how hard it can be to really relax and sleep well while pregnant. Due to massage relaxing the nervous system and extra feel good hormones moms to be will sleep better. In addition to the mom being more relaxed the other benefits of massage such as back pain relief will also make the mother more comfortable which will help her sleep better.

5 Decreased Swelling

Edema, which is the swelling of joints during pregnancy, is caused by decreased circulation while pregnant as well as the increased pressure on major blood vessels. Having a pregnancy massage can greatly reduce edema by improving circulation and reducing the fluid collected in swollen joints.

6 Reduced Muscle Pain and Headaches

During pregnancy your body changes and your center of gravity moves. In addition to this there is quite a bit of extra weight placed on muscles and joints.

All these changes result in your muscles taking strain and can also result in headaches. Pregnancy massage can help to relieve this pain and to reduce any headaches if you are suffering from them.

Pregnancy massage will also help you to keep better posture which will also in turn help to reduce muscle strains and pains.

7 Reduces Common Discomforts During Pregnancy

Along with all the above benefits having a pregnancy massage can also help with lessening numerous other common pregnancy symptoms such as sciatica, heart burn, constipation, carpal tunnel syndrome, leg cramps and much more.

8 Prepares Your Body For Labor and Birth

Studies has shown that women that have pregnancy massages have less complications during birth as well as fewer postpartum complications. These women reportedly had shorter hospital stays, shorter labors and less incidence of post natal depression.

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