5 Tips for dressing during your third trimester

5 Tips for Dressing During Your Third Trimester

It’s almost time for the most wonderful thing ever and you’ve got three months or less to count down to it, right? You feel the kicking and the baby rolling over inside and you already feel like you everything you do you do for the two of you.

But, counting down and living every day like it’s the greatest gift you’ve ever received… Well, this goes even if you are a loving husband reading this hoping to help your wife with her fashion choices.

We all know that comfort beats fashion during that period by a long shot. It’s not even a competition. What some women prefer is to try to reconcile the two, but really once that third trimester starts, even the most hardcore fashion trend champions may abandon their cause.

5 Tips For Dressing For Your Third Trimester

What happens to your baby in the third trimester?

The Vernix, or the protective waxy coating that’s covering your baby’s body, starts to get a lot thicker. Baby loses that fine covering of the hair all over the body, but the hair on the baby’s head gets a lot thicker. The baby’s nails also grow stronger and longer, sometimes to such an amount that the nurses need to trim the baby’s nails immediately after they’re born, because they are rather sharp.

Maternity Maxi SkirtDuring those last three months of pregnancy, the baby continues to lay down fat all over its body. This helps the baby stay warm once born and plumps up the skin, removing skin wrinkles the baby had up to this point.

The baby also starts opening and closing its eyes, sensing and reacting to the light changes through the wall of the mom’s abdomen. They react by moving around and changing positions.

The bones are now fully developed but are still soft, especially the bones in the baby’s head, which are still not completely joined. This allows the bones to cross over each other during the birth, making the process easier and safer.

The third trimester is also the time for the kung fu baby! The baby displays a variety of movements and reflex reactions, besides sucking the thumb. The baby can startle, grasp, and even make swimming movements. Are you sensing the upcoming Olympic champion growing inside?

The baby’s brain is rapidly growing, developing billions of neurons and getting ready for the life on the outside. Ok, now this is sounding like a prison break story. Apologies!

All jokes aside, experienced moms can attest that even though those baby movements and kicks can be very strong and even hurt sometimes, there are alternating periods between movement and periods of stillness and rest.

As the end of the third trimester is getting closer, the baby is most likely settling in the head down position, getting ready for birth. They can still change positions, so don’t panic if that happens. But, as they reach full size in the last month, there’s very little room for movement and things become more or less still. 

Choosing the right clothes for the third trimester

Now that you understand the wonderful burden a woman has during those nine, and especially those last three months, it is obvious that her clothes need to be as comfy and stretchy as possible.

The choice is only between clothes that are stretchy and comfy but still tight, or those that hang loose.

  1. Full-panel Skinny Leg Pant

Well, this really depends on your taste and how you feel ladies, or should we say future moms. For instance, a full-panel skinny leg pant can be a comfy choice, but still leaving you functional for moving around.

Full panel maternity leggings

  1. Maternity Maxi Skirt

If skirts are more your thing or it’s just very hot, you can go with the maternity maxi skirt which is probably one of the most comfortable things worn by a woman.

  1. Full-panel Maternity Shorts

Now, if it’s really hot outside and you feel like you’re going to faint if you cover anything more than those critical parts of your body, you can go with the full-panel maternity shorts, for comfort and ease of movement.

  1. Jersey-Stretch Cami Tank

Now, we can’t talk so much about pregnancy clothes without mentioning something for the top. Jersey-stretch cami tanks are great and comfy, easy to wash and maintain, and they allow you to breathe nicely.

  1. Loafers & Sports Wear

This is really what it all comes down too in the end. IF you really want a skirt for a special occasion, it’s fine, but most women prefer and are actually insisting only on athleisure. It’s easy to wear, comfy, easy to wash and dry, and is suitable for most occasions. Anyways, you are a soon-to-be mom you can wear whatever you want.

As far as shoes go when pregnant, loafers are definitely at the top of the list. Some women like oxfords because they generally have flat or low heels and are kind of classy but still provide stability and comfort, but if again you want to go with comfort all the way, you got to go with loafers.

First of all, they are easily slipped on and off, which is why they are called slip-ons. We all know a woman can have trouble bending down and tying her shoelaces. Secondly, they are usually made from cloth or some soft materials, very easy on your feet and skin. The bonus weight you gain during this period definitely strains your feet and joints, so you must provide them as much comfort as possible.

And, lastly, loafers have flat heels and allow you to walk and feel naturally, as if you were barefooted. Many doctors actually agree that being barefooted is good for this time in your life.

So, hope this helps and hope you do some more research while in your wonderful third trimester.

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  1. Dressing up at this stange its pretty hard for me. I like to be free and comfortable thank for this post i hope i can try and find something smart and comfortable to wear

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes it is not easy. I got absolutely HUGE when I was pregnant with my daughter and I struggled to find anything to wear.

      • Eish i feel so heavy and absolutely not comfortable at all. I can’t wait for the baby to arrived

  2. I find it difficult to get into a shop and find Martenity wear in SA. Only a few shops have these and the rest are online. And the hardest thing while this big is knowing your actual size to order without fitting.

  3. I bought a beautiful maternity maxi skirt and haven’t worn it once. I feel like a circus tent in it. I have kept to flowing dresses for which I must thank my friends. We all share maternity clothes and pass it along. So none of what I am currently wearing is actually my own. But I do feel pretty. Especially yesterday was a feeling pretty day. When a stranger stops you and says wow. You look absolutely stunning. Made my day. And I really needed a pick me up yesterday.

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