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Coffee And Health: Good Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

Coffee, having been praised and rebuked by people for centuries now is surely a debatable topic for those who have not looked deeply into the facts yet. Well, sometimes coffee is a heavenly gift as a cure of laziness and at times it is a symbol of madness and impotence. Coffee detractors would always talk about negatives of coffee such as poor digestibility, insomnia and boost upped heartbeats, and yes, those jitters too! So is it really like your coffee is only an addiction which just gives you a wake-me-up kick and a threat to your wellbeing?

Nope, your morning favorite mug can actually do miracles to your health rather than just disturbing your heart rates and blood pressure. However, these miracles only happen if you’re not over caffeinated.

In fact, coffee can help reducing the risk of some serious health issues and of course, helps you feel better.

Remember, every healthy food can be a boon if it is in moderation. And coffee in moderation is great and you are going to find out why. So next time when you want to brag about your coffee, the health benefits it aids would give you an edge.

If you are wondering it is not possible for you to make your own coffee throughout the day, any single serve coffee maker available in the market will be a decent investment. Here, are the 10 good reasons why you should drink coffee every day.

Coffee and Health: Good Reasons To Drink Coffee Every Day

#1. A Potent Source Of Antioxidants

A surprise for you, coffee has more antioxidant activities than the two megastars of antioxidants, cocoa, and green tea! Yip, scientists have found out that around 1000 of antioxidants are present in an unprocessed coffee and develop few hundreds of them during roasting of coffee beans. Many studies depict the importance of coffee as a vital source of antioxidant suggesting it as a primary dietary source and in most cases as a major source.

Let’s see how antioxidants are helpful to your health. Antioxidants tackle inflammation, a rudimentary cause of some chronic diseases such as some types of cancer, arthritis, and atherosclerosis. Antioxidants are basically the elements which fight the oxidizing elements, and free radicals produced as a result of metabolism. In a nutshell, these fighters help your body to prevent the chronic diseases at micro-level. One more element, chlorogenic acid aids in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

#2. Coffee Helps In Preventing Cognitive Decline

Apart from memory boost, regular daily consumption of coffee can help you prevent the cognitive decline of the brain associated with Alzheimer and some other types of dementia. A promising study conducted in Finland says, a 3-5 cups of coffee daily in a midlife can reduce the risk of Alzheimer and dementia by 65% in the later phase of life.

How can coffee reduce the risk of Alzheimer? A beta-amyloid plaque piling up is one of the causes of dementia and Alzheimer. Caffeine present in coffee prevents it and thereby reducing the risk.

Another theory is that coffee reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes which is directly associated with dementia. Anyhow, your coffee can save your cognitive ability.

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#3. A Short Term Memory Boost, wow!

This is really cool, right? A cup of coffee can literally boost memory for short time and kicks out your laziness. An Austrian researcher conducted an experiment on a group of volunteers, some of which were given 100 mg of caffeine and the rest of them were given a placebo. The results were surprising. Ones who consumed caffeine showed an actual surge in their brain activity and their reaction times were increased. And ones who received placebo didn’t show any difference in their brain functioning.

Caffeine boosts heart rate a bit which results in increased blood flow in the some of the areas of the brain which are responsible for memory functioning. However, no study clearly suggests how much this effect lasts. Moreover, the intensity and its effecting time vary from person to person.

#4. Coffee Is Healthy For Your Heart

A promising Dutch study, after studying 37k people for over 13 years, found that moderate coffee drinkers have 20% lower risk of developing heart disease than those who are heavy or light coffee drinkers or non-drinkers. The reason behind this can be coffee’s inflammation-fighting ability. Inflammation may cause the artery damage.

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#5. Coffee Can Restrain Cancer!

Yip, it can curb certain types of cancer. Scientists have observed the connection between regular coffee drinkers and reduced risk of liver, breast, rectal, and colon cancer. A novel research at Harvard University Public Health has discovered that women who drink around 4 cups of coffee daily have 25% reduced the risk of endometrial cancer than those who consume less than a cup of coffee daily. Moreover, men coffee drinkers tend to reduce the risk of aggressive prostate cancer.

Some of the anticarcinogenic substance such as antioxidant phytochemical, and polyphenols present in coffee are helpful in reducing inflammation which causes cancerous tumors.

#6. Your Liver Is A Coffee Aficionado

Having been said, coffee reduces the risk of liver cancer, it is also coupled with the lowering of the risk of cirrhosis, particularly, alcoholic cirrhosis. One more study in Archives of Internal Medicine suggests that the risk of developing cirrhosis reduce by 20% with the increase in the No. of cups per day (up to 4 cups).

The reason behind this is simple. An elevated level of liver enzymes in our blood cause inflammation which is harmful to your liver. More coffee can reduce the blood level of liver enzymes. However, an overcaffeinated situation is definitely harmful.

#7. Coffee Is A Friend Of An Exerciser!

Coffee can enhance your exercise performance. Well, this might seem to contradict to you because you might have heard from your gym instructor to nix pre and post workout coffees. The reason behind that is coffee can dehydrate your body which can affect your performance during workouts.

The matter of fact is, a moderate consumption of coffee helps in reducing fatigue, strengthen muscle contraction and injects fatty acids into the bloodstream which adds to your body’s endurance. So, do not just kick out the coffee from your daily routine. Just make sure your body is
enough hydrated during your workouts.

#8. Coffee Curbs Type-2 Diabetes

Many researches are being conducted to find the link between coffee consumption and risk reduction of diabetes. One study from 2009 suggests risk associated with diabetes decreases by 7% for every single cup of coffee every day. According to previous epidemiological studies, heavy coffee drinkers have 50% less risk than non-drinkers or light drinkers.

Let’s see how coffee helps you keep diabetes at bay. There are several ways by which diabetes risk is lowered.

(1) Coffee fights inflammation which is one of the risk factors for type-2 diabetes.

(2) It makes your body to use the produced insulin and to protect the insulin-producing cells.

(3) It prevents tissue damage. In addition to this, the caffeic acid present in coffee substantially reduces the toxic accumulation of abnormal protein which is common in type-2 diabetic patients.

#9. Coffee Shields Against Gout

Many independent studies show that a habit of regularly drinking coffee every day has been proven to help in reducing the risk of gout. The researchers in the Nurses’ Health Study performed an analysis and found out that 90k females under their observation over a 26 year period show a positive link between long-term coffee consumption and the reduced risk of gout.

Shielding against gout is possible because of coffee’s antioxidant property which reduces insulin and further it results in a lower amount of uric acid. A high amount of uric acid is a potential reason for developing gout.

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#10. Coffee Keeps Depression In Check

Numerous studies have correlated coffee drinking with the lower rate of depression in men and women. The analyzed data also suggests the inverse relationship between depression and coffee consumption. Studies show the rate of depression in regular coffee drinker is as much low as 20% The only reason behind the reduction in depression is that coffee boosts the secretion of two happy hormones called dopamine and serotonin.

As per the coffeemakered, coffee making is an art and those who prepare the best kinds of coffee are the artists! You can have some fantabulous ideas of making coffee and brew super delicious and healthy coffee yourself.

I hope now you have solid reasons to brag about your everyday coffee drinking habit. So, next time listen to your yawning silent screams and grab your mug and enjoy your coffee at the fullest instead of remembering to what those detractors say.

About The Author

Ryan is a coffee aficionado and a coffee maniac who embarked his professional journey as a barista in a coffee bar. He loves to share his learning experience throughout his life by blogging. Also, he is willing to write a book on his journey of life with coffee. He is currently working as a contributor at


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  1. I love this article.

    On a personal level I have been singing praises of coffee for a while now and not everybody agrees with me.

    My husband was asthmatic for all his life, and it has been three years now he has constantly been having a cup of coffee morning and evening. After the first three months he didn’t experience any asthmatic attack, and since then there hasn’t been an attack. The only change in his diet at the time was coffee. I know others that have these attacks often and I did share my experienced being exposed to such, time will tell if it worked only with my husband or with any other person.

    Coffee isn’t bad it just needs to be consumed in moderation.

  2. I agree with you @ron03 with the asthma and coffee. When my husband has an attack and cannot find his pump I make him a strong cup of black coffee and it helps him.

    I have read a few of the benefits of coffee but I did not know about having a cup before exercise could be beneficial. I am going to drink a cup next time before I exercise.

  3. Elize Swanepoel

    Coffee to me is like chocolate – essential.

    The difference between the two is that I can drink coffee every day. 🙂 My morning starts once I have a cup of coffee in my hand. Until then, tread lightly around me.

    My Mom and Dad wasn’t really coffee lovers as such. We did have the normal instant coffee in the cupboard, but they were not among the people that enjoy a cup of brava every day.

    When I was older and I went to England for a while many years ago, I had my first taste of proper filter coffee and delights that include cappuccino and Cafe latté. A whole new world opened up for me.

    There are many good quality instant coffee’s on the market as well. My absolute favorite is Nescafe Gold.
    When my husband met me and I introduced it to him he wasn’t very fond of it at first until he got used to it. Now he loves it as well.

    I knew coffee was a healthy beverage when you drink it in moderation (not exceeding the prescribed daily limit), but I had no idea that it combats more serious health issues which include certain cancers, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

    The coffee bean is a truly magnificent gem of nature.

  4. Wow never knew this about coffee always thaught it’s unhealthy for you I’ve been not drinking coffee since I was diagnosed with anxiety it’s been 8 years since ive not drinking coffee

  5. I have read a few of the benefits of coffee.

  6. I have read a few of the benefits of coffee. I did not know about having a cup before exercise could be beneficial.

  7. Wow I always thaught that coffee is unhealthy for you never knew this. I’ve stopped drinking coffee since I was diagnosed with anxiety it’s been over 10 years that I’m not drinking coffee. Thank you for sharing

  8. Coffee = anti murder juice 😂

  9. It is so great to know this Lynne… everyday when I drink coffee I think should I is this good its my second cup… and im a coffee person now knowing this!!! great!! and having before exercise wow.

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