African Black Soap

5 Reasons To Buy African Black Soap

African black soap has been used for centuries by the ladies of West Africa. This soap has been made from recipes that have been handed down from generations to cleanse both the skin and the hair. The soap traditionally contains plants that are native to West Africa, such as Shea Tree Bark, which strengthens and repairs damaged skin and has anti-microbial properties.

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Five Reasons To Buy African Black Soap

Cocoa pods and powder soften the skin. It will help skin retain moisture, is anti-inflammatory, and eases various skin conditions. Plantain skins help with tissue structure, heals and moisturize the skin, and stimulate the growth of new skin cells. Other ingredients could include coconut oil or palm kernel oil.

The soap is heated for 24 hours or more and is stirred by hand. The soap is then left to cure for 14 days or longer. This soap contains a natural scent and is very soft to the touch. Many have compared the scent to incense. They find it very soothing to use. The soap can be used by anyone – men or women.

Those with sensitive skin will delight in using it. It is very rich in vitamin E and A, and also contains a decent amount of iron. The soap lathers up nicely and will not strip the face or skin of oils. Even though it is a gentle soap, it still works very hard to remove bacteria from the body.

The Many Benefits of African Black Soap

There are many benefits of African Black Soap. It is anti-fungal, so it will treat jock itch, athlete’s foot, nail fungus, ringworm, and more. Recent studies have found that it will treat seven different types of fungus. Many that have skin issues, such as rosacea, will find relief in using this soap. This cleansing soap will help to reduce inflammation while allowing the skin to heal. It is perfect for eczema as it will cleanse the skin without irritating it. It will also help to add moisture to the epidermis. Acne is another skin issue that can be minimized when African Black Soap is used. The coconut oil in this soap can fight off acne better then many other ingredients found in other cleansers on the market today. Coconut oil will also balance out the skin’s PH level, and will calm irritated skin.

African Black Soap is perfect to use before shaving as it can cut down on the razor burn. Dead skin cells will be removed from the skin, which can clog up a razor, leading to cuts or nicks. The soap will also moisturize the skin, which can stop the razor burns.

Five Reasons To Buy African Black Soap

African Black Soap, also referred to as ABS, can be used as a shampoo. There are various recipes that call for different essential oils to be added to the soap. Many have reported after only washing the hair a few times, the hair begins to thicken and retains more moisture. Hair will feel soft and silky with a scalp that looks clean. After using ABS, one can count on longer hair that has more bounce and shine to
it. Not only will the hair lay smoother; it will look healthier. The hair will not break as much, and the roots will have a stronger connection to the scalp.

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Another reason to lather up with African Black Soap is using it to fight stretch marks. As there is cocoa butter in this soap, the stretch marks can be reduced. Those that are pregnant can use the soap in order to reduce the outcome of stretch marks that pop up as the stomach expands as baby is growing.

Many are not aware that African Black Soap can even out the skin tone. Uneven skin tone can be a result of too many melanin produced within the body or from sun spots. Hormones have also played a role in skin tone. The cocoa pods in African Black Soap are responsible for inhibiting tyrosinase, an enzyme that regulates the melanin produced within the body, which will lead to a lighter skin tone.

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If you suffer from fine lines and wrinkles, African Black Soap can be your best friend. This miracle soap will diminish both aging factors on the skin due to the free radicals that are being fought off. Two of the main ingredients in this soap, cocoa pods and plantain peels, are excellent sources of antioxidants. The soap does have a rougher texture to it, so the skin will be exfoliated each time it is used.

African Black Soap is perfect for cleansing the face after wearing a face full of makeup. This soap can really work its way deep into the skin, removing any traces of makeup on the face. As it contains different kinds of butters and oils, the cleanser is almost magical when it comes to removing foundations, powders, blushers, and more. Excess sebum deep within the pores can be removed, causing the face to be less oily. This soap is great for unclogging pores that are already congested.


You may buy African Black Soap in many stores and online. This is a miracle soap that not only cleanses the body and hair but also helps with so many different issues, such as oily skin, dandruff, skin problems, and more. All the ingredients are natural and will not irritate the skin. Everyone should have a bar of this in their bathroom closet as this is a cleanser that works for nearly everyone.

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  1. Oh my goodness, this soap should be called “The Miracle Bar”.
    No other soap has this many benefits.
    Until now I was not aware that cocoa pods work as an anti-inflammatory. As for coconut oil, I am fond of this oil and know all the good that can be obtained from using it on your skin.
    Not often do we actually spend time getting to know the soap we use, its normally chosen by our fragrance preference and nothing else. I used to be one of those people that purchased soap after picking them of the shelf and smelling them, whichever smelt best was tossed into my trolley at the store.

  2. Honestly I have never heard of this soap before reading this article. After some research I can see how good it is and wow the process that goes into making it. I cannot use any harsh soap because of my skin and I love the fact that this soap is natural and so healthy for your skin. A new discovery for me.

    • Honestly this is the first time I hear of this soap after reading this article. It has lots of natural ingredients in it. Love it

  3. This soap sounds like a magic bar and now I absolutely need it. I have terribly dry skin and try so many products that might help.

  4. Very Interesting to read something I would really consider buying Thanks for the feedback.

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