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Have You Had Your Vit D3 Sunshine Shots?

Here’s a winter health fact. Our bodies need Vitamin D for many important processes including supporting the immune system, bone and muscle building, and to promote better sleep and mood. 

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Have You Had Your Vit D3 Sunshine Shots?

We can even produce enough vitamin D ourselves. That’s if we bare our arms, legs, back, chests or faces to the sun for a limited period of time, because the sun’s UV rays produce Vitamin D in our bodies. Scientists reckon that five to 15 minutes, or five to 30 minutes for darker skinned people, of sun exposure two or three times a week will do it. 

But during winter, just when we need this immune boosting and stress relieving sunny gift to help us through the season of colds and ‘flu, the days are short, we stay indoors, and are usually covered up head to toe for much of the time. But, fun tip ladies: if you wear a cami under your warm clothing, you can head for a sunny spot at a warm time of day, strip off the top layers and you’re all set for a short spot of winter sunbathing. You may not wish to try this at the office!

For those of us who can’t do the sun thing, vitamin D is also available in some foods, mainly in fatty fish like pilchards, tuna and salmon. Milk, yogurts and cereals are often fortified with Vitamin D too.

Nativa Complex Vitamin D3Still, there are good reasons why many of us can’t get enough Vitamin D from sun or food (being elderly, covered up clothing for religious reasons, no time to go outside, being darker skinned…). In those cases, a one-a-day Nativa Complex® Vitamin D3 can fill the gap. It’s the newest addition to the well-established Nativa Immune Complex® range. 

Nativa Complex® Vitamin D3 supplies 1000 IU of Vitamin D and can be administered from 6 years of age. Cost is around R100 for a month’s supply, from Takealot, Dis-Chem, Clicks and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Read about this well formulated immune boosting range at, and then enter our competition for a chance to win one of two R750 vouchers from Cotton On. Their stylish men’s, women’s and kid’s clothing can see you through winter, and (yay) into Spring. 

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    So infomative this is amazing I only knew the importance of Vitamin C not D.

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      I honestly never knew the importance of taking vitamin Shots, I always thought just eating fruits is sufficient. Thank you for this enlightening read.

  23. Currently taking this along with iron and vit C too boost my immune

  24. As soon as winter starts, I amp up the Vitamin D3. It is an essential part of your immune strength. Thank you for such a good product.

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  26. Thank you this is so interesting. I feel like i need a shot of Vit D! Been stuck in my house in isolation with covid so definitely needing this supplement

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      Supplementing Vit D is crucial at this stage.

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I know the feeling Chrisna, especially with all this rain we have been having lately combined with the third wave. Today looks like it is going to be clear so the kids and I are heading out to the park to get out a bit!

  35. As a breastfeeding mother, the best thing that I’ve done for my body is adding Vitamin D3 supplements and Vitamin C supplements to my morning routine.❤ I don’t easily get sick, along with my kids too.

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    Yes Vitamin D is so important, My gran from the UK where sun doesnt always shine, she used to say that alot of people there used to suffer from a lack of vitamin D

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  38. Yes Vitamin D definitely vital especially now during a pandemic, thank you !

  39. Getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D is important for resistance against certain diseases.

  40. Hi, my daughter is only 8 months. Her skin is sensitive to the sun and she every now and then develops rush that turns into pimples. What should I use?

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