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6 Hair Styling Tips For Stronger And Healthier Hair

As you know, when it comes to styling your hair, excessive heat can cause long-term damage to your tresses. The heat generated from hair straighteners, hair dryers, and curling tongs and wands can result in your hair losing moisture, subsequently becoming drier and damaged with ongoing use.

Over-using these hair styling tools might give you the look that you are after, but you are not doing your hair any favors. It will only make your hair more susceptible to split ends and breakage, leaving you with frizzy and dull-looking hair.

6 Hair Styling Tips For Stronger And Healthier Hair

Hair Styling Tips

The primary objective here is to obtain a fine balance between styling your hair to get the desired look while keeping it as healthy-looking as possible. Here are useful tips for blow drying and styling your hair without causing too much long-term damage and investing in an improved hair styling regime.

Towel-drying Hair

The first step in knowing how to dry your hair without causing too much damage is to have a closer look at your towel drying habits. Many of us give our hair a quick towel dry before using styling tools. Avoid rubbing your hair which will cause friction and result in damage to your hair surface. The rough force of rubbing your hair with a towel causes strain to the hair which will lead to breakage. Rather use your hands to gently squeeze excess water from your hair before blotting it using the towel. Another useful trick is to use a microfibre towel or cotton t-shirt as opposed to a standard towel. These options will draw water from your locks without damaging it. This is a basic method of towel drying your hair that could have an immense impact on the health of your hair.

Opt For Styling Tools That Are More Hair-friendly

A steam hair straightener uses steam to operate as the name suggests. Standard straighteners have plates that constantly apply direct heat to hair, while a steam straightener generates steam to get the desired result. Every version of straightener typically permits unique temperature control to match the unique hair type. To distribute heat evenly, the majority of steam straighteners come with superior-quality ceramic plates that also offer optimal protection for hair. Hair that appeared frazzled and damaged before, will look healthier, stronger, and shinier with using a steam straightener. It is a gentler heat generating hair styling method.

Benefits Of Steam Hair Straighteners:

  • A less frizzy appearance
  • Gentler on the hair
  • Causes less damage to hair
  • It offers long-lasting results

Disadvantages Of Steam Hair Straighteners

  • They are heavier due to the filled water reservoir
  • They are typically bulkier and larger than standard hair straighteners

Brushing hair

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

Brushing wet hair is a commonplace mistake that most of us make. Hair is more susceptible to breaking and snagging when it is wet. It is weaker and offers less resilience when wet. The chance of snapping some hair strands off is more likely. If your hair requires detangling before styling, use a comb or brush to brush, but avoid rough brushing.  Also, use a good quality conditioner with every wash. The moisturizing ingredients will leave your hair less tangled and smoother which will lower any strain placed on the hair.

Opt For Heat Protection Spray Before Styling

If you must use heat styling tools to keep your tresses tamed, investing in a quality heat styling spray is a must for protecting hair against damage. No matter if you’re using your hair dryer for a quick dry or a full blow dry, or straighten your hair with a straightener, use a heat protection spray each time you wash and style your hair for added moisture and a smooth finish after styling. Look for products with thermal heat protection that must be applied before drying or styling your hair with heat styling tools. Not only will this help to shield your hair against damage, but it will leave your hair looking healthier and smoother.

Another easy method to care for your hair and minimize damage caused by styling tools, is to use the cold air setting on your hair dryer, or at least a lower heat setting. Also, if it is possible to give your hair a break and avoid using heat styling tools by letting it dry naturally, it can go a long way in keeping your hair in a healthier condition. In addition, if you are using styling tools, make sure your hair is entirely dry before using curlers or straighteners.

Opt For a Hair Brush That is Kinder To Your Hair

If you have already mastered the skill of blow drying your hair to give it the desired style and shape, ensure you are using a brush that is kinder to your hair. If you have hair that is susceptible to breakage, avoid using metallic brushes for styling since they tend to inflict the most damage. Rather invest in hair brushes with wide-toothed designs with boar or nylon bristles that have a gentler effect.

Add Additional Moisture to Your Hair Styling Regime

If your hair is a tad on the dry side, particularly on the ends, it helps to add more moisture to it before or after blow drying your hair to retain softness as much as possible. Styling products with vitamin E can go a long way in offering protection to your hair. It can be applied to your hair without the need for rinsing, to add additional moisture when your hair needs it the most. What is great about these products is that it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy. It has a light texture and is easily absorbed into the hair. It also leaves your hair bouncier and more free-flowing.


We hope you have found these hair styling tips for healthier and stronger hair useful and that you will incorporate it into your hair care regime in future. These simple tips can have a lasting effect in having more beautiful and healthy-looking hair.

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