Guide to stay healthy

A Handy Dandy Guide To Staying Healthy Without All The Fuss

After so many years of working and partying hard, your body has caught up with you. You’re no longer the same and unfortunately, your body has aged too. And there are so many ways that you can notice this. Every flight of stairs is more of a hurdle than something that can easily be accomplished. Driving your car for a single kilometer is more of an option than walking to get to your destination. Furthermore, you are now experiencing a form of pain in body parts you never experienced before. If you are undergoing all of these things and more, now is the best time to change your lifestyle towards a healthier you.

Guide To Stay Healthy

1. Get Rid Of All The Junk You Eat

For the longest time, you have been used to eating anything you want, anytime you want. If you’re craving for the big, fat burger with all the cheese in the world, nothing will stop you to go at it. That goes for all the unhealthy meals you have been eating all these years. Well, if you want to live longer and healthier, it has to stop right away.

That means all those midnight trips to fast-food restaurants near your area has to stop too. You’re craving for a quick fix of cold cappuccino after a heavy meal? That needs to stop as well. Plus, having all the sweet and salty snacks every now and then would only result to a huge medical bill when you’re way past your prime. All of these unhealthy practices provide no nutrition to your body. Although it can be hard at first, you’re going to thank yourself when you reach your old age.

Quit eating junk food

2. Go The Extra Mile When It Comes To Fruits And Vegetables

Along with quitting food that serves no nutritional purpose, eating actual food that increases the number of years you’re going to live is very important. It starts with eating three full meals a day without any exceptions. And mind you, these aren’t just meals that are easy and fast to prepare. You have to invest quite some time to shop for a wide variety of healthy meat, vegetables, and fruits to provide you with sustenance.

The next time you go to the market, you should totally go for nutritious food. One good example is leafy vegetables, such as cabbages, kale, spinach, broccoli, and lettuce. These vegetables are known to provide your body with a wide range of much-needed vitamins and nutrients to keep your body fit and maintain it against diseases and stress. Another choice you should go for is to eat lean meat. They are a good source of protein without overloading your body with unwanted calories. By the way, protein is your body’s main source of energy to build and repair its tissue. Without it, you’ll never have the energy to perform all your daily activities.

When it comes to fruits, here’s a handy tip for you. Some of the best ninja blenders are available to turn various fruits into smoothies that you can ingest quickly. This is vital, especially if you value your time above everything else. Fruits, such as mangoes, apples, grapes, and lemons, have a lot of important nutrients in them that can provide an energy boost and increase your resistance against diseases. Plus, these fruit smoothies help you digest faster and detoxify your body from those harmful chemicals. It also helps you look better and give you a certain glow to your every move. The best ninja blenders out there can process these fruits in no time at all so it would be wise to get one immediately.

Eat fruit and vegetables

3. Stay Away From Vices

In your youth, you may have been pressured by your peers to smoke or drink alcoholic beverages. After some time, it has been a part of your daily routine to grab a beer or have a quick smoke. This has no benefit to your body’s organs and it’s going to be a big problem down the road if your continue entertaining your vices. In the United States alone, around 480,00 deaths are caused by smoking cigarettes each years. Plus, 88,000 die in the same country because of diseases related to alcohol. That’s a great number of lives and you wouldn’t want to be a part of that statistic.

The same goes too if you’re using your time to engage in unhealthy activities. If you are used to spending a lot of time playing computer games or watching your favourite TV show all day long, chances are, your body will slowly weaken in time. Word of advise: turn your life around and stay far away from all forms of harmful vices.

Stop drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes

4. Exercise Like Crazy

And speaking of using your time well, a good idea is to exercise. Many people have testified that setting aside some time to engage in physical exercises will strengthen our bodies that no other way can do. It provides our bodies with an increased supply of oxygen that will greatly benefit in improving our cells. At the same time, our muscles will grow more and be prepared to handle all sorts of strenuous activities without much effort.

If you are worried that exercising at your nearby gym will eat up a good chunk of your time, don’t be. In fact, you can allot a minimum of 30 minutes each day, after you wake up, to perform a specific set of exercises to jump start you. It could be as simple as performing a set of 15 ab crunches, 15 push ups, and 15 jumping jacks. You can also add a short amount of time to walk so your whole body can be exercised. If you want to go beyond the basic, hiring a professional trainer at your gym is a good solution. These trainers know how your body works and what kind of exercise you should do to lessen fat and improve your fitness. But in all of this, don’t forget to do warm up exercises to prevent any unwanted injury from occurring.

Exercise to stay healthy

5. Regular Checkups With Your Doctor Are The Way To Go

Of course, all of these tips would amount to nothing if you don’t have a medical expert to tell you what’s wrong with your body. Visiting a doctor regularly gives you the benefit of knowing what parts of your body needs work and how you should go about it. These doctors are also beneficial in preventing diseases and ailments from ravaging your body before they can even start.

For most people, these regular medical checkups are either a bother or the scariest thing in the world. That’s not true at all. When the time comes your body will get back at you for all those years of neglect, these same doctors are at the forefront of keeping you alive and kicking. So, don’t put off that visit to your local doctor anymore. Set that up and you’ll be glad you did.

Regular doctor visits to stay healthy


Having fun and working hard is all great and good. These two things provide you with a purpose and something to look forward too. But as awesome as two things can be, keeping your body fit and healthy will be more beneficial in the long term. That’s why you should take a rain check on all the aspects of your life that’s causing you to be unhealthy. At the same time, it’s best if you will follow the tips that we listed so you’ll have a healthier lifestyle from now on.

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  1. This made me giggle 🙂
    As I feel my body giving out every now and again when I climb out of bed in the mornings and my knee gives in and I almost fall on my face lol
    All jokes aside, I really do want to lose those extra kgs, quit smoking and be a little fitter, what I find so difficult now days is to find and KEEP the motivation to do so. In my head I feel like I’m still in my early 20’s, until my body decides to show me differently LOL
    So every now and again I get a bee in my bonnet and decide I’m going to do all the things I know I need to, to be healthier. I think the longest I’ve held out is 8 weeks and then I slip back into old routine 🙁
    Any Moms have any tips to keep the motivation going?

  2. This is not easy at all i always try to eat health and do some indoor exercise but along the way i just give up and go back to my bad eating. I have those exercing bvds i use them for few weeks and then i find it boring . but i can see that to give up its not an option i real have to get my payority straight. After the baby i have to work hard to be healthy.

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