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7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Cyber Monday In South Africa

Cyber Monday is coming up soon so it is time to start preparing for all the great sales that will be coming your way. However it is important to be clever about it. You don’t want to end up missing a fantastic sale for something you have been itching to buy, you also don’t want to fall into the trap of buying things you don’t need just because they on special. Here are some great ways to take advantage of Cyber Monday in South Africa.

7 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Cyber Monday In South Africa

Sign Up For Favourite Store’s Newsletters

While nobody likes to receive tons of emails the best way to keep up to ensure you don’t miss any great Cyber Monday specials is to sign up for the newsletters that your favourite stores send out. Chances are great that you will receive some great specials and maybe even discounts exclusive to subscribers.

Start Checking Ahead Of Time

Most companies will start advertising their specials ahead of Cyber Monday rather than wait until the last minute so do some research ahead of Cyber Monday and search the company’s website before hand to see what Cyber Monday specials are on offer. Being prepared ahead of time means that you won’t waste any time on Cyber Monday searching for great deals and you will be able to be first in line so that you get your purchases in before any products sell out.

Budget And Plan

Cyber Monday specials are going to be pushed by so many companies and it is going to be incredibly tempting to have a shopping spree, realizing afterwards that you have overspent your budget by a long way. Make a list of the things you want to buy on Cyber Monday and outline a budget for each item as well a total spend amount.

Check Pricing History

One sales technique some companies use it to increase their prices before certain dates such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Cyber Monday, Black Friday and more, then they “reduce” their pricing for the event. This means you are not really saving anything other than buying it around the normal price anyway. Make sure you know what the prices are long before Cyber Monday so you can ensure you really are getting a good deal.

Check pricing

Use A Price Comparison Site

There are going to be many specials going and you want to ensure you get the best prices possible. Making use of a price comparison site is a great way to save you time when you do your research as well as ensure you are getting the best discount.

Coupon Stacking

Some companies allow you to coupon stack, meaning you can use more than one coupon when making a purchase. Be on the look out for coupons on offer from manufacturers and stores to see if you can get coupons to add to your Cyber Monday deals.

Credit Cards Deals

Check your bank to see if there are any companion deals on offers, meaning if you pay with your credit card you get even more discount, benefits or rewards. You may be able to buy through their online portal or meet certain other requirements and get even better offers using your credit card.

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