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Checkers Sixty60 App Review – Talk About Convenient

When the Checkers Sixty60 app was launched I doubted that they would cover my area since I have never been able to get groceries delivered to Saldanha before from other stores. However in March it launched in Vredenburg and in May I heard that they were delivering to Saldanha from Vredenburg Checkers. I downloaded the Checkers Sixty60 app and first gave it a try in mid May and now that I have used it a good number of times I’m ready to share my Checkers Sixty60 review with you.

Checkers Sixty60 App Review

What Is Checkers Sixty60?

Checkers Sixty60 is the app by Checkers for online shopping with delivery within sixty minutes. The app is free to download and is available at the Google Playstore (android) and the App Store (iPhone).

Is Desktop Available?

No, unfortunately there is no app for PC so you are only able to access this service via your mobile device. There is no website available for you to shop online from Checkers.

Delivery Areas

The Checkers Sixty60 app was launched last year and they deliver to selected areas in South Africa with new areas launching all the time. The best way to check if they deliver to your area is to check the delivery areas map on their website.

The delivery areas increase every month, so if they are not yet delivering in your area keep an eye on their Facebook page for new areas.

Delivery Fee

The delivery fee is a flat rate of R35 no matter how large or small your order is. There is no minimum order amount.

Delivery Times

Deliveries start from 8am every day – delivery time slots vary per area and are displayed in your app.

Payment Methods

The only payment methods available at this time are Mastercard and VISA payments, you enter your card details into the app to pay. While Checkers does accept ebucks you are not able to pay using ebucks.

It is also important to note that there will be a Checkers Sixty60 pre authorization amount on your account – this will be the amount of your order, the delivery and a tip if you have added one for the driver plus an additional 15% which is added on to accommodate for any possible replacement products and also for products that are priced per weight such as meat and cheeses.

Once your order has been delivered to you the pre authorised amount will be returned and the correct amount of your purchase will be deducted from your account.


All the terms and conditions for using the Checkers Sixty60 app services are provided in the app. To the best of my understanding if you order the incorrect item you can return it or replace it at your nearest Checkers. If there is an item damaged, expired or missing you can log an issue on the app and the amount will be credited to your Checkers Sixty60 account. Make sure to double check all the legal info on the app for more information.

Checkers Sixty60 Delivery Driver

What I Think About The Checkers Sixty60 App

I decided to order some luxuries the first time to test out the Checkers Sixty60 app rather than order things when I needed them, you know just in case the service sucked. My kids and I decided to order our favourite ice cream, a pizza and a bottle of coke. The ordering process was very simple and easy, as was the checkout. I also love that at Checkout I can choose replacement products in case the things I order are not available.

As soon as we checked out I could see that the shopping was in process. I was notified when it was out for delivery and I was so excited to see that I could track the driver’s progress in real time. From the time of ordering until it was at my door it took 45 minutes. Our ice cream was still frozen which was a relief because I was honestly a little bit worried about that.

The driver wore a mask, sanitized his hands and handed over our shopping in a big brown Checkers Sixty60 bag in line with Covid-19 safety protocols. Once we had received our shopping I received another notification that our delivery was complete and I was asked to rate the delivery process as well as the products. I was able to edit the tip for the driver if I wanted to and there was also an option to log an issue.

That delivery went so smoothly that I’ve been ordering through the app ever since. I’ve since noticed that if I have not chosen an alternative when I place the order, if something is not in stock while the shopping is taking place I get a notification to choose a replacement in the app while the shopping is taking place. On one occasion I was not able to check my phone and missed the notification so an alternative was chosen for me. Instead of receiving the Steers burger pack patties I received the fresh burger patties which was perfect.

Then last week my son got a brutal stomach bug in the middle of the night, and as “luck” would have it that was the day I planned on doing some shopping. We only had one and a half rolls of toilet paper left in the house and no Rehidrate. As you well know it is not easy getting out of the house to buy essentials when you have a kid that has vomiting and diarrhea! By the time morning arrived we were using serviettes and things were getting dicey.

I ordered toilet paper, Rehidrate and some Energade to get my boy rehydrated, as well as some food to last until the weekend. I placed the order before they opened and the delivery arrived just before 9am literally saving our asses in the nick of time.

Since I started using the Checkers Sixty60 app I have only ordered through the app and I am loving it. One of the things I have struggled with every week is having to make the choice between stopping my work early to shop before I pick up my kids or shopping with kids. Neither option is great. That problem has been removed from my life now. In addition to that, with the threat of the third wave looming over us I don’t have to worry about going into the mall anymore.

My daughter has also fallen in love with the app, on Monday when we drove home from school I told her what we needed while she sat in the back searching for the products and putting them in the basket taking the shopping right out of my hands.

While the app is really fantastic and exactly what I personally needed in my life, there are always a few things that could be improved on so I’ve come up with a complete list of pros and cons that I can share with you and let’s hope that Checkers makes the app even better taking those things into consideration.


  • You can monitor the status of your order from real time shopping to delivery of your order.
  • You can track the driver real time
  • The app is simple and fun to use
  • All products you order are added to the “My Shop” tab so you can easily find and reorder things you buy often
  • The XtraSavings card is linked so you can get your special offers through the app as well as instore
  • You can buy alcohol through the app
  • There is an option to log issues with your delivery
  • There is an option to rate and give feedback on your delivery as well as the order
  • You can tip your driver after the delivery when you rate the service – if you added a tip when you placed your order you can edit it when you rate your service
  • Delivery is fast and efficient
  • You can order replacement options in case something you ordered is not available
  • There is no minimum order
  • If you shop using your FNB card you earn eBucks
  • You can hand the bags back to the driver on the next delivery to be recycled
  • You can save multiple delivery addresses with specific instructions for each address – so you can order groceries to be delivered to someone else
  • The R35 delivery fee is amazing – for me to drive to Checkers and back costs a lot more in petrol and wear and tear on my car even if I add in a R20 tip for the driver


  • There is no desktop version
  • The app is not compatible with some Huawei phones
  • No eBucks or cash payment options available
  • No voucher options available
  • It is not connected to the XtraSavings card **update – they have now added the XtraSavings card **
  • There is no option to add products to favourites to buy later
  • Not all products are available on the app (smaller product choice compared to instore)
  • Not all areas are available for delivery yet
  • You cannot buy cigarettes on the Checkers Sixty60 app so you will need to do that instore

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  1. love this review!

  2. Thank you for this great article. Only thing i dislike that you cannot use your savings card.

  3. Farhana Siddiqui

    Great review I was sceptical at first, but I eventually tried the app is worked perfectly, from the comfort of my home it was so easy.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I also never expected it to be so easy and work so well. I have done all my shopping using the Checkers Sixty60 app since my first purchase, I have not been instore for weeks! I am getting very familiar with the items that they stock and don’t stock and I will have to make a trip in sometime to stock up on those items I love but can’t yet get online.

      • Marcus Hendricks

        Being a member of Checkers for quite a while now even used the Sixty60 App and it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s like shopping in the store and I love their stores ? this review is on point. Could not have expressed myself any better. well said

      • Lynne Huysamen

        I’m so glad you are also enjoying the app Marcus! I think they have done an outstanding job and they have seen my review on Twitter and said thanks for the feedback so perhaps they will take note and add more payment options plus link the XtraSavings cards? I’m holding thumbs for that!

      • You and me both. Glad you making an impact Lynne

  4. Bianca von Meyer

    Thank you so much for this very informative post. It is a shame that its not PC supported but the advantages definitely out way the disadvantages.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I would also love the option of using my desktop to order from Checkers too, but the app is really fantastic and yes there are way more advantages than disadvantages for me. The best part is that my daughter loves using the app so now all I have to do to shop is write my list out and hand it to her!

  5. Great review would love if they had the savings card option

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes Shireen, I am so with you on that one! Maybe they will roll that out sometime in the future? I hope so.

    • Laverne Konstabel

      Despite being a regular checkers customer I haven’t had the chance to use the app yet but it’s probably a good time to try it

  6. Joy Sheila madisha

    The checkers sixty60 app is amazing and has come in handy for me as I have moved to a different twn, so it helps Dat I dnt have to go get lost in twn I jst order online

  7. Deborah Letlape

    Love this review,it was an eye opener

  8. Thuliswa Phaliso

    This is great. As a new mom that doesn’t have much help this is aneasy way to shop. Definitely trying this

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’ve found it has made my life so much easier and simpler! It saves me so much time and effort, now I can focus on my work and getting my kids homework done in the afternoons rather than shopping!

  9. Robynn Osborne

    Absolutely love Checkers 60. First used it during lockdown. Absolutely convenient and the normal quality of checkers. But the process vary depending on brands they have in stock. We didn’t get reimbursed the difference we had paid. But thank you for these top tips.

  10. Checkers has really made life easy with their sixty60 app.The app is user friendly.Big ups Checkers.

  11. Monique Mentoor

    Thank you for sharing. They have just launched the Checkers Sixty60 in our area and I can’t wait to make use of it.

  12. Tashriqah Dollie

    Love love love it

  13. I love this review. I am also using them now. I love it! It’s fantastic and so convenient. All my items have been delivered fresh/perfect condition. I haven’t had any issues at all.
    I find I am also saving money as I order specifically what I need. When you’re in store you tend to buy unneccesary items….
    I would definitely recommend Sixty60 to everyone!

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes I’m also finding that bonus of not overspending, because I’m not passing all those tempting things in the store!

  14. This is so useful. With so many online ordering apps it is nice to know the nitty gritties. Thank you

  15. Nokuthula Carolyn Lubisi

    Thank you for the review for the Sixty60 App would have enjoyed it more if it had an option for savings card option but overall it’s all great.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes that was also something I found disappointing Nokuthula, BUT Checkers responded to my review on Twitter and said thanks for the feedback so here’s hoping they take note as that is the one thing I think that they can add to make a huge difference. I miss taking advantage of the specials with the XtraSavings card!

  16. Absolutely love the convenience of Sixty60!

  17. Loreal Duplessis

    Thank you Lynn for this post . I haven’t tried the Checkers App yet but seeing the pros and cons has convinced me to try it out.

  18. Thank you for review. This app is convenient. I like it because it saves me time and I don’t have to queue at the shop.

  19. I simply Love using this app, At first I was like but what if we get the things and its smashed or not what we expected!! and then it came to pass where I needed some stuff urgently with no way of going so to buy them so I said okay well let me try the Sixty60 app and wow was I amazed!!! They were fast and they give options in case they dont have what you looking to buy so easy to use!

    • Lynne Huysamen

      That was also a big concern of mine too Naomi, but I have not had anything badly packed or damaged. Plus you can rate the delivery and log an issue within the app which means any issues will be addressed I’m sure! If I do need to log an issue I will share about how that process works.

  20. Anikie Malatji

    The App life saver,especially during this pandemic

  21. Awesome prize ❤️ love ur page…great competitions ? #WinWithKaboutjie

  22. Yolandi Nortier

    Looking forward to make use of this app!!

  23. Basetsana Tsotetsi

    Hi Lynne! I totally agree with what you said in your post. I also feel like a big con is not being able to link your savings card to your account. But I think that, since this app is new, they might consider addressing some of the cons? I really do hope so!
    Love this review! So informative and exactly how every Sixty60 app purchase went for me! Sooo convenient!
    All the best! Xx

  24. Wow this is fantastic, with no car, and hearing all kinds of strange about Uber, i get stuck in the house, leaving the shopping to my husband ..So this will benefit me greatly

    • Lynne Huysamen

      This will be superb for you Letitia – I have only had one experience with Uber and it was not great.

  25. Thank you for sharing.
    Will Definitely be using the app soon due to your recommendation

  26. Genevieve Hendricks

    Review on point! My experience with the Sixty60 App has given me absolute peace of mind. This is an awesome service convenient and affordable!

  27. #WinWithKaboutjie Would love to win the voucher.

  28. Great review! I’ve used the Checkers Sixty60 App once, what I love about it is the convenience and quick delivery service. The thing I hate about it is using your Credit card to pay, I would prefer an EFT option.

  29. I like the Checkers Sixty60 App and use it regularly since the lock down started. Especially when I’m not in the mood to visit the stores.

  30. I like the Checkers Sixty60 app. Its very usefull

  31. It would really useful need to get the app #winwithkaboutjie @kaboutjie

  32. I so wish they included our area. Seems so handy when you get home and realise that you forgot something at the shop.

  33. Totally love the app and Checkers always has amazing money saving deals.

  34. I love this review, thanks ?especially for the cons.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      It’s a pleasure Khuselwa, it is important to take note of any downsides in a review! Although in my opinion the pros far outweigh the cons and I am sure that they will be working on those few things moving forward!

  35. Prene subramany

    Amazing competitions and helpful posts always ?????its really insightful and personally im a huge fan ???
    Thank you for helping me as a mum with many answers i needed on your interesting blogs?????
    I appreciate you

  36. Wow informative, thank you. If I will this voucher, my granny gets it, she turns 90.
    R35 is cheap wow for delivery

  37. After reading the review I downloaded the app, unfortunately they are not in my area, but will surely figure out a way to make it work for me.

    I’m new to online shopping, and don’t trust easier so reading up on this really helps.

    Thank you

    • I’m so sorry to hear they aren’t in your area yet Imaan, I checked for my father in law and they are not delivering to him either yet but I am sure they will add more areas soon. We have only been able to order this year but the app launched last year already, so slowly but surely new areas are being added.

  38. Cleopatra Mogakane

    I love this. It is so handy, Checkers is my favourite store to shop for groceries.

  39. Checkers60 is a great option for when you just run out of time and can’t get to the shops. Like many other users say, the only downside is not being able to use your discount card.

  40. Laetitia Ohlson

    Thank you for the review. I have also downloaded the app now and will give it a try 🙂

  41. Thank you for this awesome voucher. Hopefully I’ll be the next winner and buy my kids some food. Crossing fingers ?

    • Nomaswazi Gumede

      I often use the Checkers Sixty60 app and it has helped me in such a big way especially with COVID 19 case rising and it is an awesome app indeed

    • I’m definitely going to use their services , thanks for the review

  42. I was skeptical at first.. then they offered free delivery to try out and i was hooked. It’s awesome especially on a Saturday when I’m still in my pjs and someone used the last milk ?

  43. Emily Rajagopal

    I think it’s so safe and convenient especially for the elderly so they don’t hve to be in the shopping malls especially at this covid times

  44. Great Post. I think that in the time of covid it is really safe to just be away from crowds and what better way than being home and shopping online. The app seems like a great way to get all your essentials in a flash. I have not used the app yet, but after this blog post I may use it. Also good job on the pro’s and cons list. Keep it up.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      This app is going to be a lifesaver, literally, now with the third wave. I hope they deliver in your area Janine!

  45. Great service! Used them before. Wish ebucks could link up though

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I’m so with you on that Danica, it would be superb if they could offer more payment options including eBucks!

  46. Thank you for the review, Lynne. Looks like Checkers have done their homework on this one.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      Yes I’m sure they have! I really love the app and now with the third wave hitting hard I am even more grateful for it.

  47. They’ve recently started covering my area as well and I couldn’t be more excited, 2 kids and a fur child who we never leave alone makes going shopping always a mission, I get to have all my groceries delivered to me without the hassle. Highly recommended and really awesome of Checkers to provide this amazing stress free service! Thank you for an amazing blog post 🙂

    • So exciting that it is now in your area, and just in time too with all these new cases in SA Viasha! Enjoy getting your groceries delivered quickly and conveniently.

  48. We loooooooovvvveeeeee Sixty60!
    SO convenient especially when you need just a few items and not wanting to drive all the way to the store and the best just staying at home and clicking away waiting for your order to be delivered.

  49. Thank you for the great reviews I always wondered if I get to use Xtra savings card.

  50. informative!

  51. Gert (aka, Nathan) Stone

    Lovely post on a well thought out service delivered by one of the country’s big retailers! Excellent Checkers!
    #WinWithKaboutjie, @Kaboutjie

  52. Love this review

  53. Annchelle Herbst

    We love this app, especially during the covid times. The staff is always so friendly when they drop off our package.

  54. Moyahabo Mashola

    Mmmh i love checkers, i win to today.

  55. Elize Swanepoel

    A friend suggested the Checkers 60 app to me during December 2020 for the first time, but I didn’t really give it a try until the beginning of this year. I love everything about this service. They always deliver quickly, the order is spot on and the driver is friendly and professional. My mom is wheelchair bound and her eyesight has declined due to diabetes. So, for us this app has made a huge difference. When she needs a few grocery items, I order on my app and have it delivered to here home. This is so convenient and I really think the R35 delivery fee is very reasonable, especially if you order a few items at a time.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      For sure the delivery fee is fantastic, it costs less than me doing the trip in my own car when you take into account wear and tear too! I’m sure that Checkers Sixty must be amazing for you with your mom’s circumstances

  56. Lynne I tried this and wow i love it! We stuck at home in isolation cos both my husband and I have covid so it helped so much to send for some food and snacks for the kids so I didnt need to venture out to the shops

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I am so glad that this could really be of help to you Robyn and I hope you are and your husband recover soon.

  57. Nokuthula Masuku

    An insightful read: it’s unfortunate they don’t make use of the Xtra savings card, it really helps us as consumers.

  58. yes pplease

  59. Catherine Badenhorst

    Thanks for all the info especially the pros and cons. Such a pity that ine cannot benefit from using the XtraSavings card.

  60. Checkers Sixty60 is cool especially if you don’t like to leave the house

  61. Most essential things shows “out of stock” on the APP but is not really out of stock. Guess I’m driving again.

  62. Why are you delivering alcohol which is not for sale to under 18’s but yet you cannot order cigarettes. This is truly inconvenient as I need to shop else where to purchase. At the end of the day we are paying sin tax the same as people consuming alcohol.

    • It would be fantastic if they also delivered cigarettes, but I’m guessing its something legal, they probably aren’t allowed to deliver cigarettes or I’m sure they would be.

  63. Wow thanks. I would have loved to try this service of theirs but it is difficult to find my address lol

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