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7 Best Apps For Kids 2022

Kids using apps

In the sea of never-ending apps popping up in the app store every day, what are some of the best apps you can give to your kids to use?  Luckily, you do not have to worry about market saturation and endless apps. We have all of that covered and we …

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New SA App For Parents Boosts Kids’ Online Safety

Mother daughter using phone

FYI play it safe adds security while protecting privacy Over the past festive season and with the start of the new year, many parents have put new devices into the hands of their children.  For many, this is an action primarily aimed at increasing their child’s safety because it enables …

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Parent Sense Disrupts Babyhood In The Best Way


Whether you’re a first-time parent or welcoming the latest newborn into your family, the early parenting period can be downright confounding.  On top of the lack of sleep and the rigours of truly 24/7 attendance, from the get-go, each new baby has its distinct character, which takes time to get …

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Introduction To The SAFER App

Safer App

The SAFER app has recently launched in South Africa – the safety app for women in South Africa, specially geared towards the unique safety needs of women in our country. What is it that wakes you up at 2am?  I don’t know about you, but for me, I worry about …

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Checkers Sixty60 App Review – Talk About Convenient

Checkers Sixty60 Delivery

When the Checkers Sixty60 app was launched I doubted that they would cover my area since I have never been able to get groceries delivered to Saldanha before from other stores. However in March it launched in Vredenburg and in May I heard that they were delivering to Saldanha from …

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8 Best Apps For Parents To Monitor Their Children

Woman using apps on her phone

Monitoring the activities of the children has become a huge challenge for the parents in the modern days. Mobile phones and children can be a dangerous duo. You are always fearful about their mobile activities. Kids nowadays tend to use their elders’ mobile phones or their own mobile phones at …

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