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Boba Baby Wrap Review

The Boba Baby Wrap

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that bonding with your baby is one of the most important things that you can do. I have pound the Boba Baby Wrap is one of the best things you can purchase to help your bonding experience with baby. This baby wrap is a stretchy baby carrier from the company Boba. It was designed to hold baby close to the body, which is essential for bonding with

The Boba Baby Wrap is secure and safe for your baby. It will grow with your child from the time that they are 7 pounds until they are 35 pounds.

This Boba Baby Wrap review will help to ease your mind that this wrap is essential for building strong bonding experiences with your baby.

Boba Baby Wrap Review

Boba Baby Wrap Features

I like that the Boba Baby Wrap is machine washable. This is great for babies that have the tendency to spit up or sweat a lot. The carrier can also be placed in the dryer on a low setting. The material the wrap is constructed from is soft, and feels comforting against baby’s skin.

The Boba Baby Wrap can safely hold a baby that is up to 35 pounds. Baby will feel secure and safe when wrapped in the material.

Pros of the Boba Baby Wrap

There are so many reasons why you should have a Boba Baby Wrap. First off, let me say that they are soft and comfortable to wear. I love the fact that they are stretchy and the material is breathable.

And I absolutely love the feeling of having my baby cuddled into me when I wear this. It is the most amazing feeling ever. Having this strong of a connection is a wonderful thing. And what’s more is that my baby loves it as well. In her fussy times during the day, I can easily place her in the wrap and within mere minutes, she is calm as a cucumber!

While talking about my baby being calm as a cucumber, my best friend was amazed at how well the Boba Baby Wrap worked when she borrowed mine that she quickly ordered one for herself. She is not the type of person that will sit down to read reviews on new products. I am sure if she was reading this Boba Baby Wrap Review now, she would roll her eyes and say this is just a long piece of material with
no real use.

However, her little boy was so colicky after he was born. Once he started crying, he cried and cried. What is worse is that there was no way to stop him. It did not matter who was holding him. My friend tried car rides, bouncing him, placing him in a swing, and swaddling him. She tried pushing him in the stroller, ran the vacuum cleaner, set him on the washing machine for the vibrations, and played classical music for him. Nothing worked to calm him down.

One day when she was over at my house, he started in. I suggested she try the Boba Baby Wrap. She reluctantly put it on with her precious cargo in the wrap. Guess what? Within 5 minutes, he stopped crying! My friend was amazed! She said before now he has never stopped crying with anything they have tried. She did not care how much this wrap was going to cost her, all she knew is that she needed one to save her sanity for when he started crying.

This wrap provides a custom fit to whomever is wearing it. Baby can feel comfortable in the wrap while mom is carrying him or her, and feel equally comfortable for when the babysitter wears it. Baby can be fully covered up in this wrap as well, which is nice on chilly days or when the sun is too bright! Something else that I love about the Boba Baby Wrap is that it is super affordable. There are often may
gadgets and gimmicks on the market for babies, but this one is not one of them. It truly works at a price tag that almost anyone can afford. This economical carrier also makes a great gift!

Cons of the Boba Baby Wrap

Nothing in life can be 100% perfect, unless you are referring to your children! There are a few things that I may change with the Boba Baby Wrap. I am not a fan of all the material that is used for this wrap. There is a lot of material there- a whopping 16 feet! I was uncertain if all this material was really needed as it can be hard to keep all the material from dragging on the ground. When first looking at all this material, my first thought was how am I going to wrap it up so baby lays tight against me? After some practice, and watching a few videos online explaining the process, it has become easier. With so much material, it is easy for anyone that wears the Boba Wrap to get hot. It is not ideal for hot summer days, as it can be easy for the adult or baby to become overheated.

I also would appreciate if baby could have the option of being faced away from me as well. I love my baby snuggling with me, and I know my baby likes it being near me as well. However, if there was an option to have older children facing forward, this would give me more usage of the Boba Baby Wrap when baby is older.


I really hope this Boba Baby Wrap Review has helped you determine if this wrap will be the right fit for you and your baby. It has made a world of difference to me and so many others. Wraps like this are a great way to be close to your baby yet still have your hands free so you can go about your daily routine.

About The Author

Angie Benson is a stay at home mom that does freelance writing from home. She is passionate about attachment parenting, being fit and healthy, and finding ways to make extra income from home while being mom. In here spare time she loves doing crafts and hiking.

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  1. Would love to try this with my baby.

  2. Elize Swanepoel

    Thanks for a great review Angie!

    Oh man I’ve entered so many competitions when I was pregnant, trying to win any wrap, but I’m afraid my luck was out.

    I’ve seen other new Mommies walking around, blissfully doing their shopping while baby is tucked inside a wrap and close to them.

    The main benefit of these wraps are that you have both hands free to do what you need to do.

    My baby slept for short intervals of twenty minutes which means I didn’t have a lot of time to do the chores that I wanted while baby is asleep.

    I am amazed that this wrap helped with a colic baby. That is really something worth looking into.

    Hopefully a lot of Mommies read this review and try this out because my best friend had a colic baby and it is not something I wish onto anybody, not even my enemies.

    I am keeping this in mind when I recommend products to prospective Mommies for sure.

  3. This was a life saver. I used it for everything.. cooking, cleaning, shopping.. you wont waste your money on this for sure

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