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Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares – Lunch Box Sorted

Blue Ribbon Bread is a quality brand of bread that is known and trusted in households all over South Africa. When I think of brands of bread it is always the first one that comes to mind.

When Blue Ribbon Bread contacted me to give me the opportunity to try out their Sandwich Squares and share my findings with you I was super excited. I include sandwiches in my kids lunch boxes every day as part of their lunch and it gets a bit mundane and boring. It is also a safe option though because my kids eat sandwiches

My kids and I tried out the Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares and here’s what we found:

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Bluie Ribbon Sandwich Squares - Lunch Box Sorted


Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares

Convenient Packaging

The Sandwich Squares come sealed in a pack of eight slices that makes four sandwiches. I find this so much more convenient than a loaf of bread. I love to freeze my bread and these Squares stack so nicely in the freezer – I can take a pack out in the evening and leave it to defrost ready for the morning.

I can do the same with a loaf of bread but since I don’t eat bread regularly, so very often I am left with stale bread which is a waste. I also love that the Squares come in a sealed pack to keep in all the freshness.

Thinner, Better For You & No Crusts

Blue Ribbon’s Sandwich Squares are thinner than conventional bread and they feel like they are lighter on my digestive system. They are high in fibre and better for you. I made a Squares Sandwich for myself packed with salad and it came out so much better I expected. It was tastier than a normal sandwich. I was quite surprised how it held all the fillings so well, it looked like it would be flimsy and I expected some of the fillings would fall out easily but they never did.

I made my kids Sandwich Squares  too, but without the salad and they loved them. My four year old son’s feedback is that they are nice because there are no crusts. I have to second that, I don’t mind eating crusts myself but I am so tired of cutting off crusts for kids (or listening to the complaining) – having no crusts is awesome!

Fun, Different & Lunchbox Sorted

The Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares are different which mixes it up a little for the kids and myself. It adds that element of fun to their school lunches. The Squares are perfectly designed to fit in lunchboxes.

They can be served in three different ways – topped, toasted or filled.  They are available in white and brown.

My recommendation is that you give Blue Ribbon Sandwich Squares a try – I am sure that you will love them. They are lunch box sorted!

BR squares



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