New Blue Ribbon Squares

Lunch Levels Up: Blue Ribbon Introduces All New Health Squares

One of the country’s most recognized and loved home brands has given South Africans a whole new world of healthier options to keep taste buds tantalized and tummies satisfied. This year, adults and kids alike get to experience the same great taste with a healthier twist- perfect for the whole family!

Introducing Blue Ribbon Health Squares

Evolving and making life easier for the consumer is at the core of what Blue Ribbon does and as such, is continually innovating and finding ways to keep consumer needs satisfied in a delicious way.  Blue Ribbon Squares are designed for convenience and compatibility and hold an array of delicious fillings. Launched in 2017, Blue Ribbon Squares took the country by storm providing versatility available in both white and brown variants. High in fibre and ready sliced, the better-for-you, baked Blue Ribbon Squares make it easier to put together lunch time favourites.

This year, Blue Ribbon has added 2 new variants to its offering : Whole Wheat and multiseed and oats

Wholewheat multiseed Blue Ribbon Squares


According to the latest South African Demographic and Health Survey, almost two thirds of women and a third of men in the country are overweight or obese. South Africa has the highest rates for women in Africa, while 13% of South African children are overweight or obese, which is more than double the global average of 5%. Health and diet trends see a growing interest in wellness and nutrition.  As such, Blue Ribbon has been encouraged to improve the nutritional profile of its offering while aligning with niche diets such as the popular low carb and paleo diets, catering to more consumer needs- particularly with many choosing to exclude bread from their diets. The Blue Ribbon Health Squares are also vegan friendly ensuring everyone is sorted.

Blue Ribbon cares about the dietary wants and needs of our valued consumers and Squares seek to satisfy these. New Squares are available in Whole Wheat, as well as Multiseed and Oats, providing nutrition and delicious variety for consumers. With health squares, that are low GI and high in fibre- the Lunchtime solution just got healthier!

“Studies have shown that low-GI diets are the most effective way of managing body weight, and more importantly, blood sugar levels. Low-GI foods give you more sustained energy levels across the day. We have really taken time and researched the trends and needs of our consumer. This is why we are so proud to introduce these exciting new health offerings,” commented Blue Ribbon Brand Manager VA Baked Goods, Nadine Havenga.

Premier, a yummy South African favourite, has consistently delivered bakery innovation to households over the years. Containing eight slices per pack, Blue Ribbon Squares’ new variants makes life easier for families in South Africa to awaken their culinary creativity.

Blue Ribbon squares are available in all major retailers across South Africa*.

*Please note that the KwaZulu Natal region can purchase Squares from BB Bakeries.

Blue Ribbon Squares Logo


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  1. This blue ribbon squares are so awesome, my daughter loves it for lunch times 😋

    • My kids too and now there are healthier options available which rocks! I bought the new ones today when I received this press release from them so I will try it out tomorrow. I’ve got a vegan recipe I want to try out with it. I’ll share it on my Instagram channel tomorrow so keep your eyes open for that!

  2. My family loves Blue Ribbon squares. My 3 year old says its biscuit bread

  3. Love that it comes in whole wheat multi seed and oats, super healthy and tasty. ❤️ My family loves it.

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