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4 Cool Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Your New Vinyl Cutter

So, you have gotten yourself a new vinyl cutter and you are having a blast making your own creations.  

Sure, you might have made a couple of posters, and you have probably started heat pressing some designs onto t-shirts and other pieces of clothing, but there is so much more you can do with a vinyl cutter. Today we want to talk about 4 cool things you didn’t know you could do with your new vinyl cutter.  

The plethora of items you can make and projects you can undertake with one of these things might shock you, not to mention there are some reference you can use in designing the room, this is where I go when i need free SVG cutting files. 

Moving on, here are some cool things you didn’t know about your vinyl cutter: 

4 Cool Things You Can Do With Your Vinyl Cutter

  1. Design A Kid’s Room

One really cool thing that you may not have known that you can do with your new vinyl cutter is decorate a child’s room or playroom. Yes, a vinyl cutter can be used to do a whole lot, and depending on the specific type of vinyl application you get, the possibilities are virtually endless. For example, kids always love planets, stars, the moon, and anything to do with outer space.  

Chances are that when you were a child, you had those glowinthedark stars, moons, and planets in your room, both on the ceiling and the walls. Well, this is something that you can actually do with a vinyl cutter.  

You can get custom designs, download designs, or make your own. Just create a whole galaxy of stars and more. Yes, there are special materials you can use here, glow in the dark materials, so you can create that full nighttime glow in the dark galaxy that your kids will love sleeping under. It’s definitely an idea worth keeping in mind.  

  1. Make Sandals and Flip Flops 

Ok, so you probably know that you can create clothing patterns and designs if you have a vinyl cutter and a heat press. Yeah, T-shirts, pants, hats, and more are all great things you can design using a simple vinyl cutter. But there are also other things that you can do with a vinyl cutter, such as making nice shoe or flip flop designs.  

Now, it might be a bit more difficult to create designs for sandals, flip flops, and other shoes, than it is to make shirts and socks, especially when it comes to attaching those patterns to the shoes, but with that being said, the result is always awesome.  

Sure, you can get yourself some 5 dollar flip flops from the local bargain store, but chances are that they probably look bland and boring. However, with your own vinyl cutter, you can spruce things up a bit and bring some life to those boring flip flops. Yes, you will probably need a heat press too, but heat presses and vinyl cutters kind of go hand in hand.  

Sandals flip flops

  1. Working With Paper and Stickers 

Yet another cool thing you might not have known about when it comes to working with vinyl cutters is that they are also quite perfect for working with paper. What we mean here is that you can create designs, pictures, and patterns that you could then use to make your own pictures, posters, greeting cards and more.  

Sure, you can go for a full vinyl card, but some people choose to simply use some translucent acetate to bring some life to those greeting cards. When it comes to your vinyl cutter and working with paper, you could make some of those neat Chinese lanterns that float in the air, and decorate them as you see fit, or you can make designs and patterns for your origami projects too.  

The point here is that paper is bland and boring, all paper really, but with a halfdecent vinyl cutter, you can bring boring paper to a whole new level.  

  1. Woodworking and Painting 

Something else you might not have known that you can do with a vinyl cutter is to use it for various woodworking, crafts, and painting projects. At the very least, you can make sticky borders to tape off certain areas of anything that you do not want to paint.  

Another neat thing you can do here in this regard is to make stencils for art and painting. If you need to cover something up to stop it from getting painted, or you want to create patterns and designs on your woodworking projects, a vinyl cutter is the way to go.  


There you have it folks, 4 really neat things that you probably did not know that you could do with your vinyl cutter. Remember folks, these things are really versatile, and they can do a whole lot more than help you make your own custom T-shirts. 

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