Turkey Tail Mushroom

Benefits of Turkey Tail Extract

Trametes versicolor is a common mushroom found throughout the globe. The fungus has been used indigenously and in traditional practices globally. The mushroom’s appearance is similar to that of a turkey’s tail given its layer of different colorations. It is typically triangular or round in shape and found in large clusters on different kinds of wood.

Despite their abundance in nature, Trametes versicolor or turkey tail mushrooms are one of the most expensive medicinal mushrooms in the market. However, the substantial price tag isn’t because the fungus is difficult to harvest but because of the many benefits it provides.

Benefits of Turkey Tail Extract

Nutritional Value

Mushrooms have found a high standing among cultures who practice traditional medicine. They are typically revered for their healing properties and for good reason. Turkey tail mushroom has a variety of medicinal properties which centuries of traditional practice have observed. Despite its list of benefits, turkey tail mushrooms should not be consumed raw.

Boosts the Immune System

Everybody wants to maintain a healthy body. Nobody wants to be stuck at home with a fever or a cold. In order to boost our immune systems, we typically need a balanced diet and regular exercise.

However, food supplements have shown to further improve the body’s ability to absorb necessary nutrients and make the most of the food we eat. Turkey tail mushrooms when taken as tea or other processed means can help the body boost the immune system and help our body prevent viruses and bacteria from spreading infection. Some anecdotal evidence even shows that ingesting turkey tail supplements can help alleviate the symptoms of illnesses and shorten the time frame of illnesses.

Improves Gastrointestinal Health

Turkey tail supplements have also been known to have prebiotic compounds that help improve food digestion and can assist in forming a healthy environment for good microbes in one’s body. Aside from prebiotic compounds, turkey tail like other edible mushrooms provide dietary fibre which aids in digestion and bowel movement.

Decreases Free Radicals in the Body

Modern society has provided people a surplus of food, but at the expense of consuming tons of energy. The byproducts of which include pollution and food that imbalances the body chemistry. These typically create free radicals in our body which threaten to damage cells in our body. Left unchecked, free radicals can be overproduced and can cause a variety of health problems which may prove fatal.

Dietary supplements such as turkey tail mushroom contain loads of antioxidants such as phenols and flavonoids which are chemical compounds that help the body in processing free radicals.

Turkey Tail

Helps prevent Cancer

A form of turkey tail mushroom supplement called Yun Zhi in China has been known to reduce the risk of people acquiring cancer. Recent research conducted by Chinese, Italian, and North African universities have suggested that the supplement triggers antitumor activity in cancer cells.

Turkey tail mushroom has become popular as an anti-cancer supplement in China, but these studies have only been conducted on animals. Although the studies have yet to be conducted on humans, doctors see the potential for this fungus to prevent cancer.

Modulates the Effect of Cancer Treatment

A study by Korean and Japanese doctors showed that ingesting turkey tail mushroom supplements while going through chemo- and radiation therapy decreased the potential for the cancer in affected patients to relapse. They found that the fungus’s properties for boosting the immune system may play a big part in modulating the effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

As with other studies relating to turkey tail mushroom, there is not enough evidence to prove that the fungus directly causes the boost in anticancer effects. Suffice to say, professionals are hard at work in uncovering the potential of this wonder fungus and the possibility of it becoming a remedy for cancer.

Allergy Risks and Side Effects

Turkey tail mushroom supplements are made from mushrooms. It is not advised for people with mushroom or mold allergies to consume this product, which may lead to severe reactions in some people.

Researchers are still in the process of identifying any severe or fatal side effects, but milder effects may include nausea, heart-burn, cold- or flu-like symptoms, and constipation. It is advised that people with underlying health conditions consult a doctor before trying health supplements.

Where Can I Get Turkey Tail Mushroom Supplements?

Turkey tail mushroom supplements are a common dietary supplement and are available in most health stores. They also come in many shapes and forms. Powdered turkey tail or turkey tail tincture can be mixed into drinks like tea, coffee, or even smoothies for a healthy kick. Dried turkey tail mushroom which is usually found in Asian herbal stores can be made into tea. Others prefer turkey tail mushroom capsules Australia has on its shelves since capsules are easier to store and require minimal to no preparation to consume.

It is important to note though that turkey tail mushroom is considered inedible if not yet processed.

While this wonder supplement is available in most health stores, it is always recommended that you purchase these kinds of products from reputable stores you trust.

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