Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s no secret a vast majority of people have spent the good part of 2020 inside their homes. The living space has turned into an office, a playroom, or a hobby corner. Whatever activity you choose it is important to stay cool now that the summer is at its peak.

Air Conditioning is the best way to make it through the hot summer day, and since every machine in your home needs some maintenance every now and then, so does your AC unit. Action AC provided the best answers to my questions on how to best deal with an AC in order to have it work properly.


If you have suspicions that your AC is not working properly or maybe you have an aging model then the first thing you should check is the thermostat. Sometimes it shows incorrect information which can only cause problems along the way and unnecessary high electricity bills. If you are dealing with an old, mechanical model, then maybe it’s time for an upgrade. Digital thermostat allows you to remotely adjust temperature and manipulate your AC while you are not at home.

For example, you can set it up to cool your home while you are away and create an enjoyable atmosphere before you arrive. A smart thermostat can remember your behavior and adjust it’s operating hours to your needs, and by doing so cool just enough to make it feel comfortable, and at the same time be economical with energy consumption creating a cost-effective regime.


It is important to remember to clean or replace air filters once a month during the time the AC is in heavy use. Clogged air filters blow out dirty air creating an unhealthy environment, and also consume more power in order to achieve the desired temperature which can eventually lead to an overheating. Simple filter maintenance will ensure a prolonged and healthy performance of your AC. You can always spend some extra cash to buy better filters to secure fresher air.

Outdoors Unit

The unit that’s outside your home also needs some love. Over time various elements like leaves and dirt can cover the unit and cause various problems. The best solution is to clean it with a water hose every so often. Before you do anything it is important to remember to turn off the power.

Air conditioner repair

Check the Fans

Sometimes fans can be out of order and cause poor performance. Shut the AC down and inspect the fans in the condenser unit, and if you see any breaks or cracks you can simply buy replacements online or go to a local store and talk to a professional who can help you pick the right fans for your model.

Help from a Pro

If you don’t feel comfortable or want someone with experience to look into your AC then you should contact a professional who can thoroughly check your unit and make sure it is going to work as intended before the start of a season. You should also go a step further and schedule regular maintenance. Having a professional over at least twice a year will ensure a long-lasting and quality service, and you’d also be informed about new upgrades and ways of getting the best performance. An AC is not something you need every day, but when you do need it it is crucial to have it in the best shape possible, and the only way to ensure that is to have it routinely checked.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips.. as spring starts it means the aircons will be back on soon .. will need to check mine out and get them cleaned up

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