How To Best Paint Your Home By Following A Few Simple Steps

2020 has been pretty tough so far, and at times like these, it’s always good to focus on things you can do now to make you a little bit happier or more useful. People turn to long-forgotten hobbies or try to make improvements to their living space by focusing on chores they’d been neglecting for years. One of those examples is giving your home a fresh coat of paint. Paint X Services suggested this to me, and they even went so far to give me a few tips on how to do this on my own before asking for professionals’ help.

Check the weather

This is a pretty important thing to consider before you start working. Humidity is not painting’s best friend when you want an efficient job. But the good thing is that you’d have more time to correct your errors because the paint will need more time to dry, but this benefit should be used in moderation though because you can always go too far and make it worse by trying to correct.

Do your homework

It is not as simple as applying paint to a wall and boom. Essentially it is, but to make sure the job is done right and the results would last, you need to first prepare the wall for new paint. Cracks or some uneven areas where the wall has been peeled off might need to be sanded. Also, some greasy stains should be washed with soap and water, and last but not least, give the walls a proper dusting with a piece of cloth or a broom. Now you are ready to proceed.

Use proper tools

If you are going to get it right, then only talent and determination are not going to cut it. Best results require the best equipment and not just the paint, but also brushes, rollers, and tapes. There’s no point trying to cut corners and pick whatever to save a few bucks. Painting is not something you do every day and you don’t want to be stuck with a poorly done paintwork that is just going to annoy you. Good painter’s tapes will ensure your woodwork remains intact, and it’s better to protect them properly than to spend hours cleaning after.

Cover your stuff

The safest option is to take all the furniture out and deal with an empty room, but if you can’t afford that luxury then you can move everything to the middle of the room and cover it with plastic bags. Then you can put old rugs on the floor to cover critical areas. Painter’s tape also comes in handy for all areas that can’t be covered otherwise.

Couple painting home


It’s important to know what exactly you are going to paint and use that information to determine how much paint is needed. Since not every can is exactly the same there’s no point trying to ‘’save and use later’’ because you are going to end up with uneven walls. What you need to do is pour all the cans of the same color into one big bucket that you can also dip an entire roller in. This means boxing your paint. This way you are going to get an even color without having to worry whether it will be enough.


Primer is useful for difficult areas where you can’t be sure only paint will be enough. If you are painting something that hasn’t been painted for 10 years or more then a primer is a safe bet. Wood, concrete, glass, or plaster are just some of the examples where you should opt for a separate primer instead of mixes of paint and primers which is used for flat areas where the roller can spread the paint evenly.

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  1. Thank you for the tips. We looking at painting our home ourselves 🙂 and these really help for the planning.

  2. Great tips.
    My parents recently painted their house. Family attempted to help but they ended up hiring professionals instead.

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