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6 Power Foods That Help You Sleep Better

In our fast-paced world we are facing the issue of lack of sleep or in many cases insomnia. Initially we used to spend less hours sleeping which resulted in body aches, grogginess and fatigue. But we took some medicines; popped some pills and we were ready to go back to bed. But slowly over the last decade our body has started mildly adjusting to this situation at a social and emotional level. It has now become a social standard to sleep less and engage one in other tasks. Lack of sleep and insomnia are now becoming lifestyle illnesses.

Because of this many people are facing chronic health issues which leaves them physically compromised for all the times to come. It plays host to many other issues which only elevates the problem making it worse.

Usually such issues need rigorous work and a lot of attention needs to be taken while trying to overcome this barrier. But there are certain ways through which you can make this process simpler.

Food is one of the simplest and effective ways by which you can increase your sleeping times. Certain healthy food items allow you to stay fit and healthy and at the same time allow you to sleep better. Here are some of the common examples.


  1. Cherries

Cherries are one of nature’s best solutions for helping in increasing sleep time. They work really great for everybody and don’t carry any abnormal risk of any sort.
They are such great sleep inducers because of their high melatonin content. This natural melatonin is really great at having better sleep habits.
In fact many studies have been conducted to find out their importance. In the study, a certain group of insomniac and sleep deprived people were given tart cherry juice twice a day. In just two weeks they responded very positively to this and had longer sleep times.
So, remember if you are not feeling sleepy in the night then it is the time to gorge on some cherries or maybe sip some of the tart cherry juice.


  1. Almonds

Almonds are another one of nature’s marvels when it comes to having a good night sleep. It is a completely organic and chemical free way of increasing your sleep hours.
Thanks to nature almonds are huge sources of magnesium which by the way helps the sleep deprived people in getting some snooze time. Their high protein levels also help maintain a steady and stable blood sugar level while sleeping. This acts as an extra bonus when it comes to a good night sleep.
A handful of almonds or a bit of almond butter on whole wheat bread before sleep is great for a good night sleep.

  1. Bananas

This fruit makes for the perfect snack at any time of the day. But significant studies have shown that a banana every day before going to bed can have a definite positive impact in your sleep patterns.
These sweet yellow fruits are rich in potassium and magnesium. The minerals help in relaxing the muscles and improving blood circulation. They help in preventing night cramps. All of this contributes towards a peaceful sleep.
They also are a brilliant source of amino acid tryptophan which further breaks down into melatonin and serotonin which relaxes the brain.
You can find more detailed information on this website.


  1. Spinach

If you really want some help in a better night’s sleep than you should try eating the green leafy spinach. Though this veggie might not be the favorite of many among you but it is a great sleep booster.
Its high magnesium and potassium contents make it a great muscle soother and help prevent any muscular spasms during your sleep. Along with that it has a lot of calcium which increases your body’s ability to generate melatonin. And we all know how a good amount of melatonin is necessary to conk us out in the night.
So I guess it matters if you eat your green vegetables!


  1. Salmon

Fishes like salmon are great at helping you in having a better sleep pattern.
Scientists have figured out that eating these fatty fishes increases your body’s omega-3 fatty acid levels. This translates into a much better sleep in the night.
Salmons are also high in vitamin B6 which aids in melatonin levels and that means you get to sleep better.
There are other fish too which work great like halibut, cod and tuna.

  1. Milk And Yogurt

Well according to the old wives’ tale, milk is one of the best sleep inducers and has been a common household remedy for sleeplessness.
Calcium has always been a great sleep boost for the insomniacs. And thankfully milk and other dairy products like yogurt and cheese have high levels of calcium.
Milk has been known to make people sleep better and deeper. The calcium helps in regulating the melatonin levels which keeps you sleep healthy and away from chronic issues.

These food items are really healthy and quite natural in inducing sleep. So, the next time you are feeling sleepy than you know what to substitute for your pills.

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