Why you need sleep if you have a new baby

Why You Need Sleep if You Have a New Baby

If you’re new parents, you probably have a lot on your mind. You have a new person in your family and looking after a newborn takes a lot of effort out of your busy day. You may have work or other children to look after in addition to your newborn. In this busy time, you may be neglecting your sleep to look after your new baby. Here’s why you still need to get plenty of sleep when you have a newborn.

You Need Energy

Looking after a newborn is an immense job and if you’re not fully rested, your going to have a hard time dealing with all the needs that your baby has. Try to stick to a proper sleep schedule so you’re not tired. If you need to get up in the night, try to take turns to look after your baby’s needs. You may also both work full-time jobs so you need sleep for both your newborn and your job. Neglecting sleep will leave you run down and tired which could impact your job performance as well as your baby.If you want to be productive and tend to the needs of you newborn, you need to get more sleep.

New moms need sleep

Sleep is Key for Health

If you don’t sleep, you’re not only going to feel tired, but it can make you unhealthy. You may reach for poor food choices to comfort yourself since you’re so tired. A recent study showed that a lack of sleep can contribute to major health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and weight gain. If you sleep less that six hours per night according to the study, your more likely to have weight gain or be obese. If you suffer from diabetes, getting enough sleep can reduce your blood sugar levels in a positive way and lessen the chance of getting type 2 diabetes.

By sleeping enough, you can ward off the common cold and strengthen your immune system. You need to be healthy to look after your newborn because of all the new demands the baby places on you. If you don’t sleep, you are placing your own health at risk.

Wear and Tear on Your Body

Your body goes though a lot each day internally that you may not realize. Your cells are regenerating, your growing hair, nails, and new skin cells. When you sleep, the body does most of its regenerating and you need sleep for the proper functioning of your body. You grow new muscle and repair tissues almost exclusively when you sleep.

Sleep Matters

It’s clear to see that you need your sleep even if you have a new member of the family to take care of. It’s possible to tend to the needs of your baby while still taking care of yourself. By sleeping smart you’ll be more productive, feel better and be healthy so you can enjoy all that your new baby is going to bring you. Make adequate sleep apart of your life and both your baby and your body will thank you.

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  1. Thank you for this article I never got enough sleep with my first born I was do overwhelmed but this article helps slot

  2. Hi everyone 💜 I must Thank God for my mum she stayed with me till baby was 3 months and sleep I did get enough… Grandmother’s are the best. Shout out to all moms I’m sure these articles can assist you 💜

  3. Let’s be honest those first few days after birth you will be super exhausted on all fronts and rest is definitely something you need.

  4. I assumed that my hair loss was solely due to hormones but after reading your post, it makes sense that a lack of sleep is taking a huge toll on more than just my mental health.🙈

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