10 Life Hacks Every Girl Should Know

I just had to share these awesome life hacks. I really enjoyed the mascara one since that is something that happens to me so often and when I try and clean it I make a mess of my face!

Trust me ladies, you need to watch this one, there will be something useful for you here for sure!

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  1. Thanks for sharing @lynne. If I could give this post a triple like, I would because I really love life hack posts.

    They work and you can use them with products that you already have in your cupboards or around the house.

    1. I wish that I could do the layers myself, because I adore layers. But I’m so scared that it would go completely wrong and then I end up looking like some of the fails that I’ve seen on Youtube video’s. Eeeek!

    2. I must give the coconut oil a try. I’ve read that Coconut oil is really good for your hair as well. It can restore your hair to it’s natural color. I didn’t know that it has anti-ageing qualities. This one is on my to-do-list for sure.

    3. Applying too much blush – I’ve had this many times before. I always apply some face powder but with this method I don’t have to use any more products.

    4. Using perfume as a nail polish remover is a life-hack that I haven’t come across before.

    5. I love the mascara life-hack and it’s so simple. I’ve got another life-hack that also really works well. When you apply liquid eyeliner to your top lid and you’ve smudged it or the lines are too thick, you can use a cotton ear bud and wet the tip. This works well to remove the excess eyeliner without completely ruining your look.

    • Now I know that it is not time to pull out pure alcohol to remove nail polish, when you can use perfume.
      This has happened to me so often.

      Awesome article

  2. Ooo, just love coconut oil. Good on so many levels!

    Thank you for sharing this.

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