Advantages of water fountains

The Advantages Of Water Fountains

Water fountains in business and residential settings have become increasingly popular over the last ten years and many homeowners have come to realize the extensive benefits that a water fountain can offer.

Relaxation And Stress Relief

Nearly everyone experiences varying degrees of stress in their lives and most of us could use some relaxation and stress relief when we come home from a hard day in the office. Water fountains offer the soothing sounds associated with flowing water that brings about a tranquil and relaxing environment. You can use your water fountain on your patio, in your garden, your office or even one of your best rooms in your house. When choosing a water fountain search for the one’s that offer soothing water sounds and avoid the ones without any sound or the ones that the sound is overbearing. Most fountains today provide adjustable pumps which means you are able to set the flow to what you prefer.


Outdoor and Indoor Décor

An outdoor or indoor instantly adds an attractive appeal to any surroundings. Whether you decide on the larger Inspiration Fallswall fountains, garden or tabletop fountains, you can choose the type that shows off your unique style. Wall fountains are regarded as a form of art and will soon become an interesting centerpiece in your office or home. Many of the interior designers often use the wall-mounted fountains to create focal points when it comes to decorating. Check out these water fountain options at

A Natural Humidifier

Water fountains are a type of natural humidifier that adds moisture to dry environments. The standard humidifiers often produce a motor or buzzing sound, while an indoor fountain humidifies the air and produces an enjoyable and relaxing sound. In addition, normal humidifiers can also cause a quick build-up of mildew and mold while fountains feature moving water which means you won’t have to worry about this issue. Water fountains indoors can also assist any indoor plants in the way of adding additional humidity that has been lost, particularly when you have an air or heating unit running.

Negative Ions

In the electronic world of today, there are a variety of gadgets which let off negative ions in our offices and homes. An indoor water fountain is able to improve your air that is filled with negative ions in the way of decreasing this air pollution.  Dust attracts to these negative ions and a water fountain works on actively purifying the air. The moving water from your fountain is not only relaxing but in addition rejuvenates your home with these negative ions. In addition, a water fountain is a lot more attractive compared to the iconic air purifiers. There are a variety of inexpensive solar and tabletop fountains from Our Fountains that are under $100.

A Healthy Drinking Source For Your Pets

Pets actually prefer running water and your water fountain can be a useful drinking source for dogs and cats. Provided you do not use any harmful or harsh chemicals in the water, it is regarded as safe. If you require chemicals to get rid of build-up or algae and you have small children and pets you may want to consider Care Free Enzymes Fountain Protector. This product is non-toxic, bacteria free and contains natural enzymes.

Outdoor water fountain

Drown Out Annoying Noises

You will be surprised how even softly flowing water is able to drown out those annoying sounds such as that dog that barks all night, traffic or even voice from the next door. Flowing water sounds will not only help you to relax but is also an easy way to drown out those annoying noises.

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  1. I have been thinking of getting a water fountain for some time now. I want to check out Crazy Store. Do you think they’ll still have? I want a fountain for my make-shift office.

    • Lynne Huysamen

      I have no idea if they have @yvettehess but I would love one for my home. They just so soothing. I saw one once that also made mist and it was stunning! Let me know if you see one there.

      • Will do. I remember them having it years ago with pebbles and plants etc. Damn it.. Should have bought one.

  2. PS, I saw some on special at Crazy Store!

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