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5 Things We Need To Be Mindful Of In Order To Live On Purpose

It is so important to be mindful and live on purpose – here are some great tips for mindfulness.

Be Fully Present

We live in a chaotic world where it is very easy to lose our balance.  There are often competing priorities, all of which seem to carry the same magnitude. However, when we make time to reflect, away from the maddening crowds, we regain our focus and create an opportunity to renew ourselves. This is an important practice to keep us grounded in what matters most. Chaos robs us of our ability to savour the present moment, take in the lessons of the day and strive to internalise and learn from our experiences. Only when we are able to participate fully in the present moment, can we create a meaningful future, built on thoughtful considerations, deliberate intentions and gratitude for all we have right now in this present moment.

Have A Focused Vision For Where You Want To Take Your Life

Unless we are deliberate about where we are going and what we want out of life, it will merely pass us by as another ordinary event. You were not meant to waste this life. You were meant to seize it will all its foes and favour and make something extraordinary out of it.  You must know what you are striving for, so that you have a sense of purpose, a reason, and a goal.   You must have a conviction that all possibilities exist, and you must focus your efforts on the outcome you want.

Practice Self-leadership

We can sit back and wait for the right opportunity, or the right job, the right moment. But the fact is, you are the one who determines that. The less prepared you are, the less opportunities you will seize.  When you take  ownership of your life and lead from the front, you become an advocate for self-leadership. You don’t wait for opportunities to come your way, you go out there and find them. You don’t hope things were different, instead you craft a mindset and set your path towards the freedom of possibilities where there are no boundaries.

Understand Your Talent And How You Can Bring Value To The World

Unless you understand your value and what value you bring to this world, you will always play small. To contribute, you must believe in your talents, you must understand how to harness those talents so that you set new limits.  We were not born to exist, we were born to create, to matter, to build, to shape.

Contribute To A Cause Greater Than Yourself

The greatest measure of success is not just what you have achieved, it is also how you contributed to the lives of others. It doesn’t help to have everything whilst others have nothing.  Nothing you have travels with you to the life that awaits you after death. We were not sent here to enrich only ourselves. We  were sent here to make a difference, to fill the hearts and hands of others so that we can transcend to the next stage of our lives.

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About The Author

Nimee Dhuloo, author of Living On Purpose, has over 34 years’ experience in Business and Human Resources. She is a Masters Level HR Professional with the South African Board of People Practices and a Lead Auditor on South African HR Standards evaluation. She also holds her Masters in Management Science through the University of Liverpool in London and is a Business and HR Coach. She has successfully established her consulting firm and delivered projects across South Africa, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, The UK and Bahrain.

She has consulted both locally in South Africa and internationally and has played various roles ranging from Executive Director, Executive Manager, HR Director, Training and Development Manager, Head of Talent and Lead engagement Director. Nimee runs a successful consulting firm having delivered a number of strategic projects in South Africa, the rest of Africa and across several countries worldwide. 

She comes with a vast knowledge of Business and HR practices and has been involved in all interfaces of human resource practices, ranging from, Culture Change initiatives, Transformation, Leadership Development and Organisational Development. She has been involved in and managed major mergers and acquisitions and the impact of these changes on both the business and the people.  
Nimee has a deep passion for life, for learning and for seizing every moment, and is an advocate for self-leadership, theme that is prevalent in all her teachings.

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