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Living on Purpose is a journey of evaluating and re-evaluating our existence as we all search for purpose and meaning in our lives. This must-read, follows the story of Diana, a smart, middle-aged business strategist, who is well integrated with the pace and lifestyle of the successes a corporate position offers. The book centres around her search in understanding her life’s journey and whether or not she has been able to fulfil her purpose. It places her in a conflicting situation where she must navigate the difficulty she finds herself in so that she can answer important questions in order to move forward, which stimulates the reader to go on the journey of learning and self-discovery with her.

The book unpacks the different aspects of life and the very facets that bring us all together in a diverse yet complicated world. It considers all the roles we play as individuals. Much of what we learn is through experience, trial and error. Living on Purpose emphasises the value of purpose, passion, self-will and direction.

Self-publishing Author Nimee Dhuloo offers you 4 golden nuggets; insight into knowledge and love of one’s self; the secrets of self-mastery; the non-negotiable attitude of self-sufficiency and lastly the drive to create a life of self-fulfilment, all of which are paramount to our existence. Living on Purpose is available
Nimee Author About The Author

Nimee Dhuloo has over 34 years’ experience in Business and Human Resources. She is a Masters Level HR Professional with the South African Board of People Practices and a Lead Auditor on South African HR Standards evaluation. She also holds her Masters in Management Science through the University of Liverpool in London and is a Business and HR Coach.

She has successfully established her consulting firm and delivered projects across South Africa, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, The UK and Bahrain.

She has consulted both locally in South Africa and internationally and has played various roles ranging from Executive Director, Executive Manager, HR Director, Training and Development Manager, Head of Talent and Lead engagement Director. Nimee runs a successful consulting firm having delivered a number of strategic projects in South Africa, the rest of Africa and across several countries worldwide.

She comes with a vast knowledge of Business and HR practices and has been involved in all interfaces of human resource practices, ranging from, Culture Change initiatives, Transformation, Leadership Development and Organisational Development. She has been involved in and managed major mergers and acquisitions and the impact of these changes on both the business and the people.  Nimee has a deep passion for life, for learning and for seizing every moment, and is an advocate for self-leadership, theme that is prevalent in all her teachings.

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  1. Farhana Siddiqui

    Interesting I Love her Motto she seizes every moment..
    Reading on her background knowledge she is on tops, hats off to Nimee Dhuloo.
    Great read.

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