Attitude Of Gratitude

How Do You Build An Attitude Of Gratitude?

There are 3 fundamental principles that must be applied to build an attitude of gratitude.

Acknowledgement – we sometimes meander through life oblivious to the things we have and the enormous value that it brings to our life. Gratitude is a practice of being mindfully aware of what we have, the thought process.  Many times we forget to sit back and think about the pleasures of our life, no matter how big or small they may be. Gratitude starts with the thought, the realisation of the vast magnitude of our blessings.

The second principle we focus on is appreciation. When we convert that thought into a feeling of respect for the abundance we have, or a feeling of joy that accompanies the thought, we create energy in motion. This energy in motion is what we called appreciation. It is the relationship between the thought and the feeling, a positive embrace of the two so that gratitude becomes the outcome.

The third fundamental principle of gratitude is action.  When my thoughts are aligned to my feelings, the energy of gratitude overflows and I must find a channel to capture its essence. I can do this by speaking words of faith or writing down words of gratitude. Feelings need expression and it is through this expression that gratitude becomes real, genuine and rewarding.

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About The Author

Nimee Dhuloo. author of Living On Purpose, has over 34 years’ experience in Business and Human Resources. She is a Masters Level HR Professional with the South African Board of People Practices and a Lead Auditor on South African HR Standards evaluation. She also holds her Masters in Management Science through the University of Liverpool in London and is a Business and HR Coach. She has successfully established her consulting firm and delivered projects across South Africa, Africa, Indonesia, Brazil, The UK and Bahrain.

She has consulted both locally in South Africa and internationally and has played various roles ranging from Executive Director, Executive Manager, HR Director, Training and Development Manager, Head of Talent and Lead engagement Director. Nimee runs a successful consulting firm having delivered a number of strategic projects in South Africa, the rest of Africa and across several countries worldwide.

She comes with a vast knowledge of Business and HR practices and has been involved in all interfaces of human resource practices, ranging from, Culture Change initiatives, Transformation, Leadership Development and Organisational Development. She has been involved in and managed major mergers and acquisitions and the impact of these changes on both the business and the people.
Nimee has a deep passion for life, for learning and for seizing every moment, and is an advocate for self-leadership, theme that is prevalent in all her teachings.

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  1. I love this! This is something I try but rarely succeed with following through with my daughter. But it takes dedication and it benefits in the long run.

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