5 Indications: Identifying The Onset Of Labour

First-time Moms may find the idea of not knowing what to expect quite daunting. some women may experience definite signs of labour while others may not.

•When the baby drops, you’ll feel pressure on your bladder and increased pressure on your pelvis and you’ll feel like you want to urinate more often. This can occur a few weeks or hours prior to labour.

•The mucus plug builds up at the cervix during pregnancy and once the cervix starts to thin and relax, the plug is driven out and will release a blood-tinged discharge into the vagina. This can occur minutes, days or sometimes days before the onset of labour.

•You’ll suddenly feel more energetic.

•When your water breaks. It could be a slight trickle or a gush of amniotic fluid. The substance will appear clear and watery but could contain a little bit of bloody mucus. When your water breaks, you’ll feel a constant water flow particularly when you’re standing up, moving or after a contraction which is normal.

•You’ll start experiencing regular contractions. It may start with back pain or cramps in the lower pelvic region and will gradually become more resilient, closer together, more regularly and will increase in length from approximately twenty seconds to more or less sixty-nine seconds just after the baby makes his appearance. Contractions during actual labour won’t stop when you’re changing your position or start relaxing unlike your Braxton Hicks contractions. Its best to call your doctor the moment you start experiencing contractions and they don’t go away after changing your position.

Recognising labour can be problematic, and when you are a first-time-mom this may be an overwhelming thought. These signs can be helpful in identifying the onset of labour and can ease your mind a little.

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