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4 Reasons Why Your Parents Are Right About Car Insurance

When there are cars on the road, it’s just a given that there will be fender-benders, pedestrian incidents and other unfortunate accidents. Not only can these result in injuries and emotional trauma, but there are often (almost always, in fact) financial consequences.

If you’ve ever been in 1 of these situations, then you might be familiar with what we’re about to talk about next… And that’s the soft murmurs or grumbling tones of your parents, repeating their wise sayings in your ear. Like, ‘you shouldn’t drive without car insurance’ or ‘if you get car insurance and something awful happens, you’ll have some financial cushioning’.

Here are 4 reasons why your parents are right about car insurance.

4 Reasons Why Your Parents Are Right About Car Insurance

Reason 1: The damage will be paid for

Let’s have a real moment. You might get into an accident that’s technically your fault, which means that you’ll have to pay for your own car’s repairs, as well as the other person’s car repairs. There might even be property damage or injury to other people that’s your responsibility, too!

This’ll add up to a lot of money, which you probably won’t be able to afford. But, with car insurance, you won’t necessarily have to handle these costs all on your own. Apart from the excess, which is an upfront fee that you pay when you claim, no matter whose fault it is.

Reason 2: A hired car will be paid for

Insurance can’t stop an accident or unfortunate incident, like fire or hail damage, from happening. But if your car has to go in for repairs or you have to wait for your replacement car, then your insurer just might provide a hired car so that you can still get around. You can add car hire to your policy for a relatively small fee and not have to fork out loads more to hire it on your own, if and when the time comes.

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Reason 3: A replacement car will be paid for

There are few things worse than journeying back to your car after work, or from a night out on the town, or even from a spot of shopping and finding a car-shaped vacuum where your baby should be. It’s a completely dreadful feeling. Particularly if you don’t have car insurance to either replace your car or pay out a cash value so that you can go shopping for a new car. Without insurance to help you out, you’re back to relying on friends and family (not to mention public transport) while you scramble to work out the financial aspects of replacing your stolen car.

Reason 4. Emergency roadside assistance when it counts

The car insurance industry has become somewhat competitive and insurers are constantly creating ways to make their offerings more value-driven. For instance, many companies have added roadside assistance as a complementary service to their comprehensive car insurance policies.

This way, you’ll get the help you need if you’ve run out fuel, have broken down, or burst a tyre. The alternative is you, on the side of the road, calling around to find reliable and affordable assistance that won’t sting you with weird clauses.

At the end of the day, paying for insurance may *seem* costly… But consider the reality of paying for the above instances out of your own pocket. These costs are never going to be small. The best thing to do is to shop around and compare quotes from top insurers in South Africa. This way, you’ll find the best price and put an end to all that parental nagging, lecturing, and preaching. (Which, let’s be honest, has moulded you into the functioning adult that you are today.)

You might even be able to impress the oldies by getting comprehensive car insurance that decreases monthly. King Price actually offers cover that gets less every month, based on the fact that your car’s value depreciates every month and so should your premium.

Do the parental thing today and get a commitment-free quote from the royal insurer by clicking here. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save… And the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve listened to some of the best advice that your parents have ever given, is hard to describe.

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