3 Silent Things That Can Affect Your Baby's Health

3 Silent Things That Can Affect Your Baby’s Health

Everything seemingly is turned upside down in an instant. Your schedules change, your eating habits change, your sleep habits change (a lot!), and you’re constantly worried about your little one. There’s no need to be overly stressed about everything that could possibly happen, but it’s always good to be vigilant.

Bugs and Pests

Every home has had a few pests here and there, and honestly, it’s not that big of a deal most of the time. You see if you can get rid of them on your own for a while and end up calling a pest control company to come to your house and the issue goes away. However, that type of thinking needs altering a bit in order to mitigate potential problems for your infant. The presence of cockroaches in particular, are of much concern. There was a publication recently written about a study that links cockroaches with asthma, which can affect younger children much more than adults. While using the exterminators a lot while you have an infant isn’t always a great idea, it’s increasingly important to stay aware of the creepy crawlies during this period of life.


Another silent thing in your home that could cause health issues for you and your baby is the presence of mold. Gross just thinking about it, right? However, many people have mold for months without even knowing it. The most common time during the year to get mold is during the winter and springtime, but it can happen anytime with the right conditions. Whenever an area in your home has consistent moisture, little threads of mold form, causing the air quality in your home to worsen. Again, this might not seem like a big deal to an adult, but little bodies with little lungs need lots of care to be able to function correctly. Whenever there is a spill in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure to clean it up quickly. Dry out the area with a hair dryer or fan to ensure that all the surfaces are good to go. Make sure that any leaks or flooding gets careful attention as well.

Blue Light

It’s not uncommon to have your baby next to you as you’re watching the television, working on the computer, or browsing on your smartphone. It’s probably an everyday occurrence in most homes. The reason why this can be a problem has to do with the developing senses and organs of your baby. Let’s be more clear- your baby’s eyes are more sensitive than those of adults, and therefore shouldn’t spend too long looking at things that give off blue light. Basically any electronic device gives off this type of light, which is different regular natural light, sunlight. It’s also a good idea for adults to keep these things in mind as it has been shown to keep us up at night and lose sleep because of how powerful it is.

There are other considerations with blue light as well, like whether your baby or toddler should be getting used to watching the television at a young age anyway. As their brains are developing, it’s important to teach them to use their imagination, not just to look at screens to consistently be entertained.

It may be a hassle and take time, but reading to your child can be the one thing that sets them up for success in their formative years. It teaches them verbal and auditory skills as well as keeping a close bond with parents. It also sets their brains up to form new neural pathways, which they will use as they continue to grow and learn new things. If you’re not in the habit of reading to your child, just take a few minutes to go through some books with them each day. Most young children will love it so much that they’ll end up reminding (and begging) you to do it all the time.

These are a few considerations to take when evaluating your home for the potential health hazards for your baby. It’s not meant to be an exhaustive list, but can remind you of things that you normally overlook or don’t think about very often. Remember, a healthy baby is a happy baby!

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  1. I always have a problem with cockroaches but i never thoughts that it could be harmful to my kids, thanks for advice @lynne

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