Easy Hacks for Keeping Car Windows Fog Free

2 Easy Hacks for Keeping your Car Windscreen Fog Free in Winter

Yes the days are still nice and hot but the mornings are starting to get a bit of a chill. Just this week I had my first morning getting into the car and having to demist my windows!

So here are some really cool hacks to keep your car windows fog free in winter.

Use a Potato to Keep the Fog Away

Sounds crazy right? Well it works so give it a go, plus if you have a potato that is a bit past its best days for eating it means less waste!

Wash your potato to make sure there is no sand on it. Then cut your potato in half and rub the inside part of the potato against your windows.

Leave the windows to dry and the layer of potato juice on the window will prevent your windows from fogging up.

Use Vinegar to Prevent Your Windscreen Fogging Up

If you read my post a while back titled The Many Uses for Vinegar – from Vaginal Tightening to Weight Loss you will know by now that you just must have a bottle of vinegar in your home at all times!

I didn’t know about using vinegar to stop your car windows from fogging up, I only found out when I started researching for ideas online.

Of course this is the way I chose to use on my car this week and it worked perfectly!

You can mix water and vinegar together 50/ 50 and then either just wipe your windows with a soaked in the mixture or you can fill a spray bottle.

Vinegar will also stop frost from forming so it is excellent to use in winter.

Now I’m not sure about you, but I really detest buying expensive and often harsh, harmful products when I can just use an old potato or a splash of vinegar!

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  1. Thx for this Lynne we are living in a complex and only have cover parkings and its a problem in winter….cant think vinegar and patato of all things…

    • Yeah I don’t have any cover parking and we live right by the sea so it is always such a massive problem in winter with all the moisture and cold air!

  2. Yeah i will surely use those methods thank you very much

  3. Thank you great tips and very useful expecially now that the winter it’s almost here

  4. Using the cut patato on hubby’s car windoww rubbing that patato nice and there it dries omw he flipped bec of the juice dried on on his window I just laughed it helped for the fog but I said ill clean it and mix the water and vinigar and wiped down his windows its helping a lot as his car is not covered so fog is bad on his windows.

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