What Your Countertop Material Says About Your Kitchen

In the world of kitchen countertops, there are a wide variety of choices. Without a doubt, the kitchen countertop that you select for your home should reflect your personality and style. With options like quartz, granite, soapstone, marble, limestone, laminate, recycled glass, and butcher block styles, there is sure to be a look that appeals to your personality, and the overall function that you desire within your home.

For example, if you are more of a traditionalist, then you likely want to go with a more traditional look for your kitchen countertop. If you are more of a bold personality, then you may want to go with a bold color and a unique surface. But you also need to consider durability, maintenance, and cost. You also need to keep in mind the overall usability of your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen or if you are a chef-in-hiding, then you will likely want a surface that can stand the test of time and put up with the abuse that comes from daily use. If your kitchen is more of an entertaining space and is only to store or serve food (versus actually preparing it in the kitchen), then you might be able to get away with a softer stone.

Finding the right kitchen countertop for your home 

The great news here is that if you have your heart set on a certain look, but the material doesn’t match you or your lifestyle, it is highly likely that you will be able to find another surface material that will. Granite, as an example is the most popular selection for countertops across the United States. It is available in a variety of shades and colors including whites, blacks, greens, beiges and corals, and more. Further, no two pieces of granite are going to be the same, so that means that once you have selected your slab, you can be assured that no one will have another one quite like it.

You can further differentiate your look through the finish. A granite countertop with a polished finish will have a shiny look. A matte finish will make the stone look softer. Granite is highly resistant to heat, cuts, scuffs, and scratches. And, both polished and matte finishes provide equal protection, so you can select the finish you want without later regretting it because it isn’t holding up as you thought it would. All in all, granite makes a great countertop for an active kitchen that will see a lot of regular use.

If you don’t have the budget for granite, and if you aren’t into the natural stone look, then laminate might be a great solution. After being denounced for years, laminate countertops have found their way back to a popular place amongst homeowners and kitchen remodelers. Since then, laminate countertop builders have stepped up to the plate and have changed the name of the game. While laminate used to be found more often in ultra-low-budget remodels, it can now be found in higher-end homes. Graphics have improved, and embossing has allowed a stone surface appearance without the expense.

If your kitchen boasts a fun and contemporary look, then recycled glass might be the right look for the space. The benefit of these countertops is that they are also quite environmentally friendly as they use, as the name implies, recycled glass. Both great for the earth and non-toxic, these countertops are just as stunning in appearance as their more natural counterparts. And there should be no hesitation using a recycled glass surface for those who spend plenty of time cooking up culinary delights in their kitchen, as these surfaces are generally resistant to stains, cuts, scuffs, scratches, and heat.

For a hearty or masculine look to your kitchen, a butcher block surface is a great choice. It adds warmth to the space, has a very strong and durable appearance, offers differentiation amongst the popular natural stone and laminate choices, and even better, is easy to install and repair. The finish, however, is what truly makes the difference when it comes to the surface’s ability to deflect stains. Varnish tends to improve stain resistance, but penetrating oils will diminish it. The other downfall is that these surfaces are easily scuffed and nicked, though these blemishes can usually be sanded away. For more information on how to determine the best natural stone countertop for your kitchen, please visit slabmarket.

Natural stone can accompany and complement any look your kitchen desires

As mentioned earlier, granite is the most popular stone choice for kitchen countertops across the United States. Though it comes at a cost, the wide variety of choices can suit any personality and any function for your home. Granite will not only help to increase the value of your home, but it will also speak to your desire for a usable and fashionable kitchen space.

Marble countertops will give off a clear vibe of elegance and class. However, they are not always the best surface material to use in kitchens that will undergo daily abuse. Marble is highly prone to staining and will require regular maintenance to keep it looking good. Thus, marble is not always a great choice for a home with small children. That said, marble is indeed highly heat-resistant, which makes it an excellent choice for frequent bakers.

All in all, when selecting your countertop, you mustn’t make a rushed decision. Consider the overall look and feel of your home, as well as how you will use the space. And finally, consider your budget which will likely be the largest determining factor in the surface that you select. If you really want a natural stone countertop, don’t think it isn’t possible. There are a variety of options available at various price points, and slab options can help drive your overall costs down.

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