Possibility Of Being Pregnant After Your Tubes Were Tied

One of the most effective ways of birth control is having your tubes tied (bilateral tubal ligation – BTL) and is usually done shortly after your C-section, giving birth naturally or laparoscopically at a later date.

Getting your tubes tied is 99.9% effective for preventing pregnancy. It is possible however in a small percentage of cases that the fallopian tubes can reform and grow back together. In such a case, the sperm and egg can meet and result in pregnancy.

Possibility Of Being Pregnant After Your Tubes Were Tied

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

In case of a pregnancy occurring after a tubal ligation, the chances of an ectopic pregnancy are more likely. A healthy pregnancy develops in the uterus. But an embryo that implants in the fallopian tubes, abdomen, cervix, ovaries or sometimes previous C-section scar is called an ectopic pregnancy.

If left untreated, it may result in ruptured fallopian tubes, internal bleeding and maternal death. With early diagnosis and intervention however, a woman may have no complications.

If you had your tubes tied and you suspect that you’re pregnant it is vital that you consult with your doctor as soon as possible to confirm that you are indeed pregnant and to make sure you don’t have an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies register as positive on a home pregnancy test and women will experience early pregnancy symptoms like spotting, nausea and sore breasts etc. However, two predominant signs are usually abdominal pain and bleeding which appears during 6-8 weeks.

Period changes

As we get older and after childbirth the likelihood of our periods changing are high. However, if your timing is off, you may have underlying health issues which is affecting your menstrual cycle and body. For example, thyroid disease can cause mood changes, weight gain, weight loss, fatigue and changes in your menstrual cycle. If you’re not pregnant and the symptoms are persisting, it is recommended to book a consultation with your Obgyn or doctor.

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  1. Wow I had no idea! This is such an informative post! So helpful in my never ending road to discovery of what pregnancy could look like!

    • Yep – this is what happened to me Melissa. When my son was born I had my tubes tied and then last year I had an ectopic pregnancy – shock of my life!

  2. That would be definitely be a surprised to find out your pregnant after Tube ties. I think I have read about it happening before. An ectopic would not be good thing to have either.

  3. I can only imagine how shocked you were when you learned that you were one of the 0.01% of women who got pregnant after a tubal ligation. Thank you for sharing the information, since it must have been quite a frightening experience.

  4. This shows you what’s supposed to happen will happen.. never knew but I have to add that it’s rather scary. I am very certain that you had a big shock Lynne?

    • That is very true Leana – and I should have known that if it could happen it would happen to me. My first baby I was on the pill and my second I had the copper IUD – so I was looking for something more safe…

  5. One thing I know is that it is very important to get a health check regularly. Ectopic pregnancies, I am shocked to know, are not that uncommon. My sister in law had one – in spite of birth control. And I heard of another rather elderly person who experienced one. Tragic. The emotional trauma is worse than the physical trauma. What’s surprising is most people don’t know what an ectopic pregnancy is. Thank you for this valuable information, Lynne!

    • Vidya you nailed it with that comment about the physical pain. I can clearly remember when the physical pain was gone and I wished for it back. It may sound crazy but at least when the physical pain was there it gave me something else to worry about, it took the focus off the emotional pain.

  6. I’d never really heard of ectopic pregnancies until I read your story, Lynne, I sounds absolutely scary and I cannot imagine how difficult it is to go through. I’m also shocked to heard that it’s fairly common. As Vidya said previously, regular health checks are so important.

    • I had only heard the word ectopic pregnancy when it happened to me but I didn’t know what it was. Unfortunately I found out the hard way.

  7. I am 27 and had my tubes tied after Reading this I’m a bit scared. I would honestly die if I were to fall pregnant again???

  8. I had my tubes tied during my C-section. Had some problems because of it, but I think it was a good decision.

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