What to expect on the forth month of pregnancy

What to Expect On the Fourth Month of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a woman’s best friend especially when it’s in this stage, the second trimester. 4 months pregnant woman is visible enough, this is where a woman begins to feel the baby and the real connection begins. You are about to experience a good time accompanied by some changes both physically and emotionally. This is the best part of your pregnancy; let’s go deeper on this life changing experience.

The four months pregnancy size has enlarged by this time. Your nervous system is developing as the baby begins to look more human. The baby becomes more comfortable in the womb for the umbilical cord and placenta is growing to accommodate the passage of oxygen. The uterus has the shape of a ripe melon now as the bones become stronger. The heart on the other side begins to beat faster, that is twice the mother’s. The little thing’s system is ready to work for it can feel and hear a touch from the dad!

What To Expect On The Fourth Month Of Pregnancy

Moreover, the four months pregnancy movement can be felt. Though there are mere, they could still be felt. Your baby’s organs such as the fingers, toes, eyelashes and reproductive parts are now well defined; this is where you should expect an ultrasound. Getting a look at your baby makes a mother really fascinated; this movement of the fetus is absolutely captivating. You are able to look at your baby’s internal organs as the heart and brain structures. The gender could also be given by the ultrasound as the well as the size which is about seven inches while weight is approximately six ounces. This calls for new clothes that make you comfortable at this period of your pregnancy.

Body Changes During 4 Months Pregnant

At four months of pregnancy, the expectant mother should presume various changes. This could include changes in appetite, if you didn’t have it before; this is the time to make up! Heartburn may also persist as the uterus fills the stomach causing imbalance of the hormone progesterone. Though this is sickening, it could be avoided by eating smaller foods in terms of size, staying away from spiced foods and taking plenty of water to reduce acidity in the stomach.

body changes four months pregnant

Physically, you could experience varicose veins appearing on your thighs and breasts which come with hormonal changes since blood has to be pumped for two thus causing pressure. Do not worry for they will disappear with time after giving birth. For safety, keep in touch with your doctor for a close monitoring of these changes.

Here are few more things the mom-to-be can expect once she’s 4 months into her pregnancy. In terms of the baby’s development, certain internal systems are finished and functioning by this time, including the nervous and muscular systems. The baby is now able to make slight movements (that normally go unnoticed by the mother) and can now feel and hear everything affecting the mother.

Between the 12th and 16th weeks of pregnancy, the baby’s reproductive organs are developed and an ultrasound should be able to finally reveal whether it’s a boy or a girl. By the end of the fourth month, the baby is around 4.8 to 6 inches (or 12 to 15 cm) long and weights around 120 to 180 grams (or 4 to 6 ounces).

Four months pregnant

As for the symptoms the mother herself will be experiencing, many mothers report that their morning sickness symptoms disappear completely by the end of the fourth month, but of course this varies on a case to case basis. Mothers who have lost their appetites after pregnancy tend to get them back at this point depending on how much of the morning sickness has disappeared. Thanks to fluctuating internal hormonal changes, superficial (or “temporary”) varicose veins will become evident on the thighs and breasts; however, the mother should be extra careful, because these veins have the potential to stick around even after delivery if varicose veins are hereditary in her family.

There are also reports of a marked darkening of the pregnancy line a.k.a. “the bikini line” which is completely normal and will disappear again after delivery. In more sensitive mothers, the hormonal changes could result in the swelling and bleeding of gums, nose bleeds, and the weakening of hair, however, these are usually temporary and go away depending on how quickly the hormones settle down.

However, the mother must urgently seek help if any of the following unusual symptoms occur: unusually strong and lasting headaches, abdominal pains (especially those that feel similar to contractions), sudden abnormal issues with her vision (an indicator of high blood pressure), trouble and pain experienced during urination and defecation (including pee and stool of unusual colors and textures), vomiting that goes beyond the mom’s usual morning sickness symptoms (such as vomiting accompanied by a high fever), a very sudden change in weight that is over 1 kilogram (or 2.2 pounds) and finally, blood or watery discharge from the vagina. The mother is also encouraged to be extra vigilant if she is older, has any hereditary diseases, or any blood conditions.

Four months pregnancy will mold your nurturing emotions as you will be cautious of your child’s well being. Though many changes may occur, you should remain positive on your child’s development. Eat healthy, exercise lightly and avoid stress. Be optimistic in every situation during your pregnancy for your baby is about to experience the best mother in the world.

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  1. Being a pregnant is not easy expecially when getting up in the morning for work.

    • Geez are you still working? I thought your due date would be any moment now?

      • I am @lynne and my due date is on 17th from tomorrow I will be staying at home, I run bunnychow business my sister will be taking over.

  2. Great article and very informative.

    I thoroughly enjoyed my second trimester.

    My appetite improved, and my general well-being just felt better.

    I also didn’t experience the extreme fatigue which was accompanying the nausea from the first trimester. I had more energy and I loved the first visible signs of my pregnancy belly. I often thought about the precious life growing inside of me and what this little person would look like. My baby played hide and seek, and only after 24 weeks could the doctor confirm the sex of my baby.

    I remember my Dad was so happy that it was a boy and of course my JD was named after him and my husband’s Dad (James-Daniel).

    (I don’t know if you know this but there are companies that give you free stuff when you’re in your second and third trimesters. If you have a loyalty card at Dis-chem and have accumulated the required points (which was easy achievable) you get a beautiful baby bag filled with products for Mom and baby.

    If you are a Discovery health vitality member, you also get a fabric bag filled with lots of great goodies from Toys R Us. (Among these, I received a wonderful baby & toddler book with all the information that I needed, plus protective sun screens for the car windows). The value of the gift bag was around R1200.00.

    I also received a hamper with a baby book, small teddy and a manual breast pump from my gynaecologist’s office).

    This trimester was my favourite. During this period, I’ve done most of my shopping and preparation for baby’s arrival.

  3. The fourth trimester was by far the most challenging one for me. Tiredness, severe heartburn and clothes that dont fit!!!

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