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Gender Identity and Your Teen

Teenager outdoors

Growing up isn’t easy. The teenage years are particularly tough. Those are the years when we confront our own adulthood, and they can be scary, confusing, and upsetting. Our teenage years are full of threats and questions that come from around us and inside of us. Teens deal with social …

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How To Have A Baby Of The Gender Of Your Choice

Baby Gender Selection Featured Image

Planning a family involves many different aspects. This includes the number of kids and for many couples; there is an inclination towards having kids of both genders.  It is all a question of choice. There are instances of many parents repeatedly trying for children of a particular gender. At present, …

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9 Ways To Predict The Gender Of Your Baby

Ways to predict the gender of your baby

The curiosity about the gender of your unborn baby is a common and exciting part of pregnancy. While modern ultrasound technology can accurately reveal the gender, there are numerous old wives’ tales and fun methods that have been used for generations to predict the outcome. In this blog post, we’ll …

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What to Expect On the Fourth Month of Pregnancy

What to expect on the forth month of pregnancy

Pregnancy is a woman’s best friend especially when it’s in this stage, the second trimester. 4 months pregnant woman is visible enough, this is where a woman begins to feel the baby and the real connection begins. You are about to experience a good time accompanied by some changes both …

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13 Signs You Are Having A Boy

13 Signs You Are Having A Boy

This video shows some really interesting signs you are having a boy. I have to agree that I had a lot of these signs, especially carrying my baby low and only carrying weight in my stomach! It was such a different pregnancy to my daughter where I carried my weight …

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How To Have A Baby If You Are Lesbian Or Gay

How to have children when you are gay

Starting a family as a heterosexual couple is usually a simple affair of having sex and waiting patiently until conception occurs. Although there are some heterosexual couples that struggle to fall pregnant and sometimes have infertility problems, this is usually the exception and not the default. For LGBTQ+ (lesbian,gay, bisexual, transgender, …

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Boys Are Easier Than Girls?

Boys are Easier than Girls

I heard boys are easier than girls long before I had children. I never paid much attention until I found out my 2nd baby was a boy and I hoped and prayed it would be true. My experience has definitely been that boys are easier than girls. My daughter was …

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9 Fun Ways To Try To Choose The Gender Of Your Baby

Girl Baby Boy Baby

The desire to choose the gender of your baby has been a topic of fascination for centuries. While science hasn’t provided fool-proof methods, there are several fun and interesting techniques that couples have explored. Remember, no method can guarantee the gender of your baby, but it’s exciting to experiment with …

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The Ring And Hair Gender Test: Unravelling The Mystery

Wedding rings

Gender prediction has long been a topic of fascination for expectant parents. While medical science has provided accurate methods for determining a baby’s gender during pregnancy, various old wives’ tales and folklore methods continue to capture our imaginations. One such method is the ring and hair gender test. In this …

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