Week 6 My Weight Loss Journey – Mixed Feelings!

I can’t believe it is time for another weekly update on my weight loss journey. The time is flying past and I am sure this is going to be over before I know it. Let’s just hope I have that bikini body that I am aiming for!

This last week has been good and bad, I have mixed feelings.

On the really good side, I have managed to get back on track and I am now meeting all the goals I set for myself.

The down side is that I weighed myself today and I weigh 77.6kg. Two weeks ago (before I slid into my old habits again) I weighed 76.5kg so I have put on weight again. This means that in the entire 6 weeks that I have been grafting my butt off I have only lost a total of 200g?

I’ve heard lots of people say that muscle weighs more than fat so I went and did some research. Apparently muscle and fat weigh the same, but muscle is a lot more compact. It is true that when you start exercising and trying to get your body back in shape it is common to put on some weight so it seems I am exactly where I want to be.

However that fact does nothing for the feeling of disappointment that crept over me when I looked at the numbers on the scale.

On the bright side I am sure that those facts are true because my body is firmer. I don’t have nearly as many wobbly bits and I can feel that my body is slimmer. If I shake my arms they mostly hold firm now and there isn’t any wobble like you could see in my first video!

I measured my tummy again too and I am still on 103cm which is the same as it was 2 weeks ago. So at least I haven’t gained any there right?

I reached my two goals for last week which were to get back on track and to repeat my week 4 goals and achieve them.

Something that has stood out for me in the last week is that I am running short on my time every day, especially when it comes to work since fitting in exercise and then having a shower before I start work cuts my work morning from about 4 hours to 3 hours. This is making me feel stressed out.

In addition to that if I don’t start my day with my exercise I find it hard to reach all my goals. I can’t really explain it but if I start my day right with exercise everything else seems to follow seamlessly.

So with that in mind, here are my 3 goals for the next week:

  1. Get up early and exercise BEFORE I take my kids to school (OMG yes I know!)
  2. Increase my exercise to 5 times a week (every week day)
  3. Do some arm exercises to start toning them up

I really feel that making these changes this week will have a huge impact on my weight loss success.


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