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Unicorn Birthday Supplies And Decor For The Perfect Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorns are such a popular theme for kids birthday parties and its not hard to see why. Unicorns are amazing fantasy creatures filled with magic and spreading happiness around.

Chances are high that your child will be requesting a unicorn birthday party at some stage. To make it easier for you to organize an epic unicorn birthday themed party I’ve searched online for the best unicorn birthday supplies and décor to make up this list for you.

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Unicorn Birthday Supplies and Decor for the Perfect Unicorn Birthday Party

Unicorn Birthday Supplies And Decor

Unicorn Pinata

What birthday party is complete without a pinata? Besides the cake this unicorn pinata will be a huge focus point for the party bringing loads of fun and happiness to the birthday girl or boy and all the guests too.

Buy your unicorn pinata and fill it with candy and party favors, then hang it in a convenient place where the kids can easily take a good swing at it without causing any damage to anything. If you have a yard it would be the best place, hang it from a tree and let the kids have a ball hitting it with a bat or a sturdy stick.

After a couple of hard hits the pinata will break open dropping the candy and toys on the ground.

Unicorn Paper Plates, Cups and Serviettes

The party table where all the kids sit to eat and grab their party food from is going to be another huge focus, you know kids and candy! So make sure that you have unicorn themed plates, cups and serviettes on hand. Disposable plates and cups are always best since firstly you probably won’t have enough plates and cups already for all your little guests. Secondly even if you did have enough do you really want to wash everything after looking after a bunch of sugar high kids for a few hours? Trust me throwaway is best here!

Unicorn Party Boxes

Giving the kids a party box to take home is always a highlight for the kids and something they look forward to. Grab some beautiful unicorn themed party boxes to finish off your perfect unicorn party.

Unicorn Table Cloth

Yes you could use any old table cloth for the party, but just think how amazing your party will be with the table finished off with a unicorn tablecloth?

This is the perfect table cloth for a unicorn party – your child will not be disappointed!

Magical Unicorn Bouquet of Balloons

This bouquet of unicorn balloons is stunning. This will look stunning on the table next to the birthday cake. No party is complete without balloons. At the end of the party you can give away single balloons to the children. Another party tradition that is often looked forward to – getting to take a balloon home!

Unicorn Cupcake Toppers and Wrappers

You may be getting someone to make you cupcakes for the party, or you may be making them yourself. Either way buying cupcake toppers and wrappers are a great idea.

You can make the cupcakes rainbow colored and you can also make the icing multi-color to match your theme but adding the toppers and wrappers will make them extra special for sure.

Unicorn Birthday Banner

Set up a table to put all your child’s gifts on and then set up a unicorn birthday banner behind the table and you have a beautiful display for the gifts for your child.

We all know how the kids love to come and stare at the pile of gifts, make it something to really be proud of!

Girls Unicorn Outfit

For the birthday dressing up and getting the perfect party outfit is essential, Your little girl will be over the moon with this beautiful unicorn outfit complete with a unicorn headband.

Unicorn Swirl Decorations

These unicorn swirl decorations will make the birthday party super special, they will be suitable for hanging indoors from the ceiling. A big bonus is that hey are durable and reusable so if your child is still unicorn obsessed next year you can bring them out again.

Unicorn Party Invitations

The devil is in the details and the first thing your child’s guests will see about the birthday will be the invitations so make sure to get some lovely unicorn party invitations.

Remember to let your little guests know whether to dress up and if they should bring their swimming costumes or anything else with.

Unicorn Headband and Birthday Sash

A unicorn birthday sash is a great way to make your child’s unicorn birthday special and remind everyone who the birthday girl is! Yes your child will be dressed up in a special outfit but this will be the cherry on top!

Rainbow Unicorn Masks

Let your little guests join in the unicorn fun by giving them all unicorn masks in their party packs – this will be such an awesome invitation for imaginative play. It will also make for some really fun photo opportunities!

Unicorn Poop Marshmallow Candy Fun Packs

Unicorn poop marshmallows will be a great addition for your kids birthday party – of course you will have a table of eats and these unicorn poop treats will go down perfectly next to the unicorn cupcakes. If you are looking for other themed eats you can make this quick and easy rainbow coconut ice.

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