Essential newborn baby items

Top 10 Essential Newborn Baby Items

Your little bundle of joy may be little, but the list of items you will need to take good care of him/her is not that little! There are many things that you will need to buy for your newborn baby. And while for most expectant mothers the aim is to buy the very best for their son or daughter, it is important to be realistic so as not to end up overspending uselessly. We shall thus be highlighting the most essential items you will need to buy for your newborn baby.

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Top 10 Essential Newborn Baby Items

1 Pram

A pram or stroller is a necessity as you will need to go out with your little one for errands, outings and so on. It is important that you place importance on quality and convenience here. You need to take into account your baby’s comfort, as well as your own by making sure that the pram is made from good quality materials, and yet it is lightweight. A stroller with a sturdy frame and with plenty of pockets is important.

2 Infant car seat

Traveling with your baby in a car calls for a good quality infant car seat. This is an absolute must as the hospital would not even allow you to take your baby home without one. Some car seats double as infant carriers, and these are the most convenient.

3 Crib, mattress, waterproof liners and crib sheets

Your newborn will be spending a considerable amount of time sleeping during the first few weeks. So you need to invest in a crib and a firm, flat mattress which are comfortable and durable. Make sure that you place importance on quality and that what you are buying is compliant with safety requirements. Fitted crib sheets and waterproof liners for the mattress are a must.

4 Bottles, bottle sterilizer, bottle warmer

And in case you plan to breastfeed, breastfeeding supplies such as a breastfeeding pump, nursing pads and pillow. And don’t forget a good supply of burping cloths!

5 A changing table or pad, diapers and other diapering necessities

Unfortunately diapering is one of the main things you will need to see to several times a day now! So you will need diapering necessities where to perform this demanding task! Some mums prefer to change their baby’s diaper on a changing table, but others feel it is okay to do so on a cushioned changing pad on a bed. You will obviously need to consider your budget here, but even though a changing table is more costly, you will be availing of more comfort as well as some storage space in its drawers. You will need a lot of diapers of course, as well as diaper cream, baby wipes, a diaper pail and a diaper bag.

6 Baby bathtub and bathing supplies

Bathing your little one requires a baby bathtub along with soft towels for your little one, baby soap and shampoo, and a hairbrush to comb the little one’s hair, if any!

7 Safety and grooming kit

You will also need to prepare some basic items for your little one, such as nail clippers or scissors to cut your baby’s nails, a baby thermometer and a first aid kit with some important medicines.

8 Clothing

There is no need to have a fancy wardrobe as practicality and comfort are the most important factors when it comes to baby clothes. You will need several onesies with a wide head opening, and undershirts. You will also need some front button sweaters or jackets, and many pairs of socks. You will also need some pairs of non-scratch mittens and a fleece suit if your baby will be born in the autumn or winter months. A couple of blanket sleepers are also ideal in such a case.

9 Pacifiers

Very important as many newborns really use them!

10 Blankets

To keep your little one as warm as possible and for swaddling your baby.

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